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SAMA1984's blog

2:31 AM on 07.13.2010

Happy Birthday to Me

I'm not one to wait for others to give me what I can give myself, so I gave myself a birthday cake! This was a triumph... Not THAT cake! Another one. You have gained Karma! Better. A little trivia: The main character in Fallout 3, the Lone Wanderer, shares my July 13th birthday. Link here.   read

1:02 AM on 07.11.2010

Alternate Reality: Your Character and You

When we play a videogame, how much time do we actually spend thinking about the character we're controlling? This post will hopefully shed some light on the characters that act as our vessels in the gaming world of our choic...   read

1:43 AM on 07.07.2010

A Proposal: A Personalized Rating System

I know that we all disagree when it comes to different games. Some of us like it more than others, and some hate it. To make matters simpler I propose a new personalized rating system, which is pretty simple to calculate. Ca...   read

2:23 AM on 07.03.2010

Alternate Reality: Good or Evil, or just Sadistic?

I stood on the balcony of Tenpenny Tower, overlooking the Capital Wasteland. Megaton was barely visible on the horizon, and the detonator was in front of me. Mr. Burke gave a quick speech about how glorious my decision was...   read

6:38 AM on 06.28.2010

The E3 2010 Awards

Disclaimer: The opinions stated in this post are strongly believed in by the individual who made them. Any attempts to dissuade said individual may turn ugly. It is advised to keep your frustration to yourself should your fav...   read

4:03 PM on 06.15.2010

And the Winner is...

I would like to wholeheartedly thank Sony for not only giving a damn about their core audience, but actually giving them what they desire. Microsoft's efforts were extremely painful to watch, and I have to hold myself back f...   read

3:39 PM on 06.14.2010


Once, long ago, there was a time In what now seems a distant land Each small console, was the be all end all Cause every little game's carefully planned Then there came a Revolution The Nintendo Wii was its name Now instead o...   read

2:57 PM on 06.14.2010

The End?

I may be overreacting, but I fear that the state of the pastime we all come together in loving is facing a massive shift, which comes with new wonderful technologies, used in underwhelming ways. The Microsoft Press Conferenc...   read

1:27 PM on 06.14.2010

Kinect: The Most Painful Demo to Watch

I was watching the Microsoft Press Conference via just now, and it seems they want to force themselves to transform their products into another Wii. I couldn't watch it anymore... First, Kinect Animals, or w...   read

1:49 PM on 04.04.2010

A Shift in Taste

This article might work best with a soundtrack, so I took the liberty of picking one. Click here and read on. Recently I have been going through a phase in which overly violent videogames stopped doing it for me. I believe i...   read

11:30 PM on 03.14.2010

Fighting for Games

Recently I've had an encounter with what could be the worst nightmare for younger gamers everywhere: A relative, around 50 years old, who believes video games are the worst form of time wasters and that I should "grow up" and...   read

3:41 AM on 03.08.2010

Resonance of an Overlooked Classic: Follow-Up

This blog is a followup for a previous blog, found here. I was checking Video Game Countdown on a regular basis looking forward to Final Fantasy XIII, Resonance of Fate and God of War III. Through a series of events too com...   read

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