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    I have been very vocal about my hate of Nintendo. I thought I would point out why. Let's turn the clock back to the 1990's, during the golden age of Nintendo which I would like to attribute to the Nintendo 64.

    Great games, which transported me to epic worlds and provided hours upon hours of fun. I used to play StarFox64 twice a day during the peak of my obsession with it. I moved forward, never turning to look at Sony or Microsoft's consoles, because Nintendo made me happy.

    The Gamecube came, and I bought it. Played what they delivered to me on that console, but real life matters (read: high school) forced me to give up on gaming for a while.

    Fast forward to my college years: The Wii! A revolutionary new motion controlled console which had great potential! Yes! I was excited out of my mind.

    I was disappointed

    Got myself an Xbox 360, loved the hell out of it even as it started red ringing on me, because it actually had exciting games such as Halo and Gears of War! Gritty, over the top set pieces with tons of challenges and engaging stories the kind I have never seen with Nintendo! It didn't take long to realize the fact that Nintendo really didn't provide too many games that would have interested me, and with the Xbox 360, I found myself with access to an impressively larger library of games to pick and choose from.

    Eventually got a PS3, and enjoyed all my consoles thoroughly, believing I was above any fanboy squabbles simply because I had all consoles in my living room, perpetually hooked to my then brand new HD television. My gaming setup was beautiful. I was happy.

    The problem came when the Wii started catering to more casual audience. At first I didn't mind because hey, I loved myself some Super Smash Bros. and Fire Emblem from time to time. I was set.

    I kept my Wii, simply for the sake of continuing to play this game:

    Waiting for more games for the Wii through 2009, 2010 and now 2011, I don't even remember the last game I purchased for a Nintendo console. Yes, I do keep looking for some, because I believe it isn't useful to me without, you know, new exclusives that I would be interested in.

    This year was the last straw, the announcement of the Wii-U killed Nintendo for me, because it clearly states what direction they plan to take it. Why would they name it after a console that alienated their core audience, unless they plan on continuing to alienate them.

    It isn't the first time I said Nintendo's dead to me, and it won't be the last. I'll keep watching and hope they actually get their act together and give me something that would make me excited.
    Photo Photo Photo

    Before being bombarded with legions of Nintendo fans, I want to set one thing straight: I am not a hater by nature. I stuck by Nintendo longer than anyone would want to stick with any one brand or gaming company, even long after I wasn't getting anything substantial out of it.

    Another thing, I'm not including pictures in this blog post because I believe that anything I may put would offend someone. Please bear with me and my wall of text.

    Before E3, I heard news that Nintendo had lost 66% of annual revenue in the past year, and lost even more the year before. The message was clear: It was time Nintendo focused on the audience that really mattered. The oldest and fiercest type of gamers. Not babies. Not "casual gamers."

    Hardcore gamers.

    Little kids like to act like their elders, and casual gamers already have a device I like to call the iPad. Heck, just two days ago my 10 year old cousin asked me if I wanted to play Mortal Kombat with him.

    Then the conference came, and with it, my hopes shattered faster than you could say "It's-a Me, Mario!"

    Nothing for me. They didn't announce a single game that got my blood pumping. I really didn't care anymore at that point.

    Nintendo just lost a customer, and when I have kids, I won't be getting them Nintendo stuff either.

    I was wondering, since we all game, how much of the facts of our favorite pastime do we really know? You may translate the results in whatever way you wish. You might say you're a knowledgeable individual when it comes to gaming, or that you're awesome and hardcore.

    Before we begin, this test is by no means all-encompassing. I'm sure others will share their own questions in the comments. The exam is divided into three parts. The first part contains straightforward questions. The second part contains questions about the protagonists of different series and games. The final part is about filling the blanks. Good luck.

    Answers can be found after the questions.

    Take your seats and prepare to be tested.

    1.01 What is the most common function of the A button (X button on Playstation consoles)?
    1.02 What is the abbreviation usually used to refer to content you download from an online store?
    1.03 What is the word used by game experts who want to be rude to an inexperienced gamer?
    1.04 What is the number of current generation consoles?
    1.05 What are the current generation consoles?
    1.06 What part of your controller usually relates to your character's movement?
    1.07 When you get 100 collectibles in platformer games, what are you usually rewarded by?
    1.08 What is the Konami Code?
    1.09 What is the name of the antagonist from the Command & Conquer series?
    1.10 What is the game series which had teams of creepy crawlies fighting with ridiculous weapons in destructible environments?
    1.11 What is the name of the movie director no gamer wants to see producing another game-related movie ever again?

    What is the name of the protagonist in the following games?
    2.01 Halo 2
    2.02 The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
    2.03 Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
    2.04 Super Mario 64
    2.05 Final Fantasy VII
    2.06 Gears of War
    2.07 Ninja Gaiden
    2.08 Metal Gear Solid 4
    2.09 Half Life
    2.10 Tales of Symphonia
    2.11 Timesplitters: Future Perfect
    2.12 Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice
    2.13 Mass Effect
    2.14 Valkyria Chronicles
    2.15 Mirror's Edge
    2.16 Brutal Legend
    2.17 Resistance 2
    2.18 Too Human
    2.19 Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
    2.20 Skies of Arcadia
    2.21 Resident Evil 4
    2.22 God of War
    2.23 Crysis
    2.24 Fallout 3

    Complete the following:
    3.01 When discussing a high-spec PC, a sarcastic question usually asked is "does it run _______?"
    3.02 is a popular website gamers tend to visit to get past some parts of the game they're stuck in
    3.03 __________: Source is a popular PC game on Steam
    3.04 God of War's protagonist appeared in the fighting game series ______________.
    3.05 The number of Pokemon was initially ___.
    3.06 ____________ was the most emotional character in the Gears of War franchise.
    3.07 ____________ is an addictive, non-violent Facebook game for nature lovers.
    3.08 A lot of massive game reveals are made annually in the _______ event.
    3.09 Kinect was known initially as ___________.
    3.10 ___________ is a term used to define cheap, rushed games that severely lack in quality.
    3.11 __________ is an extremely popular strategy game in South Korea.
    3.12 ____________ is a game that produced a terrible movie, which was then translated into a game based on the movie.
    3.13 _________ was arguably the first game to reveal the protagonist was actually a woman at the end of the game.
    3.14 Gamers are prompted to press the ______ button in the main screen of most games.
    3.15 RPGs have different ways of being categories, one of which is to classify it as either Japanese or __________.
    3.16 ____________ is the mastermind behind many franchises that appear exclusively on Nintendo.

    Below are the answers.

    Answers for Part 1
    1.01 Jump
    1.02 DLC
    1.03 Noob
    1.04 3
    1.05 PS3, Xbox 360, Wii
    1.06 Left Analog Stick
    1.07 Extra Life
    1.08 Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start
    1.09 Kane
    1.10 Worms
    1.11 Uwe Boll

    Answers for Part 2
    2.01 Master Chief
    2.02 Link
    2.03 Nathan Drake
    2.04 Mario
    2.05 Cloud
    2.06 Marcus Fenix
    2.07 Ryu Hayabusa
    2.08 Solid Snake
    2.09 Gordon Freeman
    2.10 Lloyd Irving
    2.11 Sergeant Cortez
    2.12 Mao
    2.13 Commander Shepard
    2.14 Welkin Gunther
    2.15 Faith
    2.16 Eddie Riggs
    2.17 Nathan Hale
    2.18 Baldur
    2.19 Starkiller
    2.20 Vyse
    2.21 Leon Kennedy
    2.22 Kratos
    2.23 Nomad
    2.24 The Lone Wanderer

    Answers for Part 3
    3.01 Crysis
    3.02 Gamefaqs
    3.03 Counterstrike
    3.04 Soul Calibur
    3.05 151
    3.06 Dominic Santiago
    3.07 Farmville
    3.08 E3
    3.09 Natal
    3.10 Shovelware
    3.11 Starcraft
    3.12 Street Fighter
    3.13 Metroid
    3.14 Start
    3.15 Western
    3.16 Shigeru Miyamoto

    Feel free to add your own or suggest changes. I'll probably do an updated "test" based on the questions you post in the comments below.
    Photo Photo

    There are many games that I enjoy, and many that I disliked. Often the games that I end up disliking are the same ones that the majority of gamers like.

    I dislike Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Kirby's Epic Yarn, all annual sports games and the majority of Mario Games.

    Did the sentence above catch your attention? Did you disagree? Are you currently thinking about what you're going to write in the comments to defend the games I mentioned?

    Perhaps my gaming standards differ from most of the world, but you know what? I'm okay with that.

    I figured it out: I am biased toward games that respect me as an intelligent, adult gamer, and respects the console it's running on as a stand-alone system.

    What does that respect entail?

    List time!

    Games should show respect to gamers in the following ways:

    1- It should be able to run on the console, without the need for any additional accessories aside from the standard controller, to a maximum of four controllers if you have friends over. I don't want to use a plastic gun, balance board, drum set, guitar, or kitchen sink to be able to play.

    2- It should not rely on a basic in-game gimmick as its main appeal. A glaring example in Kirby's Epic Yarn: Let's take Kirby, make him into a ball of yarn, and turn the world he's in into fabric.

    3- It should not expect me to be standing while I play. For that matter, it should not expect me to be doing anything but sitting on the couch while I play. God help me, that's what I have a gaming console for.

    4- It should not expect me to attempt to verbally communicate with my device. It's an inanimate object. Unless I'm calling someone on the phone, I have no business talking to, or through, an inanimate object.

    5- It should not expect me to wave my hands around, or frequently tilt my controller around to move my character in the game. This includes party games on the Wii, and pretty much anything that cannot be translated to "press the button, use analog stick, tap on shoulder button, see desired action on screen."

    6- It should not belong to a series that gets annual releases, especially not if it has the year at the end of the title. This goes for all sports titles. So you updated the roster of some teams, gave it a negligible graphical upgrade and are selling it again for the price of a full game? I'd rather spend my money elsewhere.

    7- It should not belong to a series that gets many releases that have no significant difference between them, which could have just as easily been updated via DLC. This may be a repeat of #6, only with the Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Seriously. Metallic, Green Day, Beatles, etc... why not have them all as downloadable content and get it over with.

    8- It should not attempt to tug on my nostalgia. It will ruin my otherwise cherished memories of the experience I've had so many years ago, and will ultimately leave a bitter taste in my mouth when disappointment settles in, when I realize how idealized my memories were of the game. Remember it. Cherish it. Move on.

    9- It should not expecting me to work out while I play. That's what I go to the gym for. I don't need a virtual trainer telling me I'm fat, or that I need to change my diet. Dammit I'm here to sit down and play a game! If I wanted some advice, I'd ask the gym instructor for a work plan, not search for health answers when I want to game. I understand that some of you aren't members of a gym. If you want to seriously work out, then exercising just a few feet away from your game library and one room away from the fridge isn't going to help you much.

    10- It should not be shovelware. That abomination should not be allowed to exist. This category extends to all game adaptations of movies, TV series, comic books, anime and manga. There always seems to be something lost in translation.

    11- It must treat its audience for the mature, intelligent adults that they are. It should not attempt to be too cute, sanitized or pampering. I like my games to have mature themes.

    So there you go. The eleven criteria of respect. I have it all laid down. I have opened up, and shared my most personal preferences for picking up games.

    This month's topic is about bias. I don't think I can be more biased that to bear my game-loving soul, with all the good and bad it entails.

    I have a confession to make: When it comes to my entertainment, I like to remember what year I'm in. You'll rarely see me go back to play a game that was released over five years ago, and almost never play a game that was released over ten years ago.

    Granted, some games can be said to age well, and they're still being played today. Such games have their audience, but I'm not their target audience.

    Enjoy your games.

    I cringe every single time I hear the words remake, reboot or re-release. I feel it's just a way to draw more money from the fans who liked the game/franchise when it was first released. Here's how I see it:

    1. Yes, we all enjoyed the game when it first came out in 1997, but if you go and buy it all over again, you'll probably be disappointed and ruin the memory of the game.
    2. A lot of people are fond of a certain game, as nostalgia to the circumstances that surrounded the time they used to play that game. My guess is, circumstances have changed a lot in all of our lives since the game was being played by a widespread audience, so the general experience will inevitably be diminished once the nostalgia element has been satisfied. Some may even be disappointed.
    3. No matter how great the game was, it's a safe bet to say that there have been better games, in both gameplay, game mechanics, storyline, scale and overall entertainment value between that time and now.

    Bigger, better, bolder

    I don't shy away from my criticism of Nintendo: They have more franchises than they know what to do with, and instead of allowing them to grow with their audience, they insist on remaking, rebooting and restarting a predictable selection of games. Granted, they were amazing at their time, but I don't think they can stand up to today's competition.

    You can call me out on how I loved the Worms series on the PC, Twisted Metal, and a few other games I thoroughly enjoyed. You can even try to make a big deal out of how I'm looking forward to the upcoming Worms game on Steam, but I say only this: I'm not getting any new Mario, Zelda, Star Fox or Donkey Kong title until one comes out that clearly isn't a remake, cheap ripoff or gimmicky title.

    Instead, you'll see me looking out for games that acknowledge the technological developments of the last decade, and respect me as a gamer who owns a current-gen console. I'm looking at you, Twisted Metal, Halo: Reach, Killzone 3, Gears of War 3 and Fallout: New Vegas.

    I'm talking bigger, bolder and better. That's the direction we're heading in as a community of gamers with systems and games that were nothing more than an impossible fantasy just one decade ago.

    And yet, most people are gravitated toward this...

    Pictured: I sense a disturbance in the force, like six million seasoned hardcore gaming veterans letting their inner child take over at the very sight of this...

    Photo Photo Photo

    One of the greatest classic franchises is about to make a comeback, on August 26, through steam. I'm sure you've all seen this post.

    My stance toward this development was pretty much set from the moment I heard about it. I'm getting this game.

    Now, I started wondering what little fun touches I'll come up with, in terms of turning pictures in my computer into destructible terrains, or whether I'll download the Sound Bank editor and create custom sound sets (I did five, a long, long time ago.)

    Then I got to thinking, is it just me, or is there usually one Worm in whatever team you create which seems to be extremely lucky?

    I remember one of the Worms in the team I created, which I cheesily called "The Dragons" called Takeshi. For some reason, both computer controlled and human opponents seem to screw up badly when they target him. I'm talking about throwing a Holy Hand Grenade that bounces off Takeshi and falls into a chasm where two of the attacker's comrades are hanging out. I even tried turning the team over to CPU control, set them to be utterly stupid, and Takeshi still persevered. I didn't know what exactly was going on, but I noticed different things about different Worms. One was always extremely destructive, perhaps lucky in offense. Another was extremely unlucky, and usually ended up being the first to die, no matter what I do to prevent that (even Takeshi sitting directly on top of him didn't save him, although Takeshi did survive somehow...) and one which always ends up drowning by a shot that wasn't intended for him.

    Did anyone else ever experience anything such as this? I really couldn't figure it out...

    One thing is certain, though...

    Takeshi will be back!

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