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SAMA1984 avatar 6:59 AM on 07.31.2010  (server time)
On Worms and War

One of the greatest classic franchises is about to make a comeback, on August 26, through steam. I'm sure you've all seen this post.

My stance toward this development was pretty much set from the moment I heard about it. I'm getting this game.

Now, I started wondering what little fun touches I'll come up with, in terms of turning pictures in my computer into destructible terrains, or whether I'll download the Sound Bank editor and create custom sound sets (I did five, a long, long time ago.)

Then I got to thinking, is it just me, or is there usually one Worm in whatever team you create which seems to be extremely lucky?

I remember one of the Worms in the team I created, which I cheesily called "The Dragons" called Takeshi. For some reason, both computer controlled and human opponents seem to screw up badly when they target him. I'm talking about throwing a Holy Hand Grenade that bounces off Takeshi and falls into a chasm where two of the attacker's comrades are hanging out. I even tried turning the team over to CPU control, set them to be utterly stupid, and Takeshi still persevered. I didn't know what exactly was going on, but I noticed different things about different Worms. One was always extremely destructive, perhaps lucky in offense. Another was extremely unlucky, and usually ended up being the first to die, no matter what I do to prevent that (even Takeshi sitting directly on top of him didn't save him, although Takeshi did survive somehow...) and one which always ends up drowning by a shot that wasn't intended for him.

Did anyone else ever experience anything such as this? I really couldn't figure it out...

One thing is certain, though...

Takeshi will be back!

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