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I'm a lifelong gamer who has enjoyed video games through the thick and thin of my life. I'm also a person who speaks my mind often, which is why I chose to start this blog here where others can discuss what I have to say.

Originally a Nintendo fan, I've turned my back on it when they turned their collective backs on their old following. Currently, my Wii is still connected to my TV and I play with it from time to time.

Had an Xbox 360, which got the red ring five times before I put it out of its misery, and got an Elite, which got the E74 error and couldn't be replaced or fixed. Currently, it's on a shelf in some game repair shop, collecting dust, and that doesn't look like it's about to change anytime soon.

Have a PS3, which is going strong. It's currently my primary console.

I also have a DS and am planning to pick up a PSP as soon as Valkyria Chronicles 2 comes out. And a PC that runs Crysis, Supreme Commander and World of Warcraft, often at the same time.

You see, my posts may get responses suggesting I'm a fanboy or a hater, which is why I clarify this here: I tried all consoles, and didn't cling onto them when they started to fail, either in company support or in hardware/software.

My favorite genres are real time strategy and first person shooters, and I often turn to role-playing games and fighting games, with a bit of platforming on the side.

I hate, HATE music games. I love the songs you can play in them, but I hate the concept.
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12:35 AM on 06.08.2011

Before being bombarded with legions of Nintendo fans, I want to set one thing straight: I am not a hater by nature. I stuck by Nintendo longer than anyone would want to stick with any one brand or gaming company, even long after I wasn't getting anything substantial out of it.

Another thing, I'm not including pictures in this blog post because I believe that anything I may put would offend someone. Please bear with me and my wall of text.

Before E3, I heard news that Nintendo had lost 66% of annual revenue in the past year, and lost even more the year before. The message was clear: It was time Nintendo focused on the audience that really mattered. The oldest and fiercest type of gamers. Not babies. Not "casual gamers."

Hardcore gamers.

Little kids like to act like their elders, and casual gamers already have a device I like to call the iPad. Heck, just two days ago my 10 year old cousin asked me if I wanted to play Mortal Kombat with him.

Then the conference came, and with it, my hopes shattered faster than you could say "It's-a Me, Mario!"

Nothing for me. They didn't announce a single game that got my blood pumping. I really didn't care anymore at that point.

Nintendo just lost a customer, and when I have kids, I won't be getting them Nintendo stuff either.

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