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SAMA1984 avatar 11:17 AM on 08.07.2010  (server time)
How Well Do You Know Your Games?

I was wondering, since we all game, how much of the facts of our favorite pastime do we really know? You may translate the results in whatever way you wish. You might say you're a knowledgeable individual when it comes to gaming, or that you're awesome and hardcore.

Before we begin, this test is by no means all-encompassing. I'm sure others will share their own questions in the comments. The exam is divided into three parts. The first part contains straightforward questions. The second part contains questions about the protagonists of different series and games. The final part is about filling the blanks. Good luck.

Answers can be found after the questions.

Take your seats and prepare to be tested.

1.01 What is the most common function of the A button (X button on Playstation consoles)?
1.02 What is the abbreviation usually used to refer to content you download from an online store?
1.03 What is the word used by game experts who want to be rude to an inexperienced gamer?
1.04 What is the number of current generation consoles?
1.05 What are the current generation consoles?
1.06 What part of your controller usually relates to your character's movement?
1.07 When you get 100 collectibles in platformer games, what are you usually rewarded by?
1.08 What is the Konami Code?
1.09 What is the name of the antagonist from the Command & Conquer series?
1.10 What is the game series which had teams of creepy crawlies fighting with ridiculous weapons in destructible environments?
1.11 What is the name of the movie director no gamer wants to see producing another game-related movie ever again?

What is the name of the protagonist in the following games?
2.01 Halo 2
2.02 The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
2.03 Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
2.04 Super Mario 64
2.05 Final Fantasy VII
2.06 Gears of War
2.07 Ninja Gaiden
2.08 Metal Gear Solid 4
2.09 Half Life
2.10 Tales of Symphonia
2.11 Timesplitters: Future Perfect
2.12 Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice
2.13 Mass Effect
2.14 Valkyria Chronicles
2.15 Mirror's Edge
2.16 Brutal Legend
2.17 Resistance 2
2.18 Too Human
2.19 Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
2.20 Skies of Arcadia
2.21 Resident Evil 4
2.22 God of War
2.23 Crysis
2.24 Fallout 3

Complete the following:
3.01 When discussing a high-spec PC, a sarcastic question usually asked is "does it run _______?"
3.02 is a popular website gamers tend to visit to get past some parts of the game they're stuck in
3.03 __________: Source is a popular PC game on Steam
3.04 God of War's protagonist appeared in the fighting game series ______________.
3.05 The number of Pokemon was initially ___.
3.06 ____________ was the most emotional character in the Gears of War franchise.
3.07 ____________ is an addictive, non-violent Facebook game for nature lovers.
3.08 A lot of massive game reveals are made annually in the _______ event.
3.09 Kinect was known initially as ___________.
3.10 ___________ is a term used to define cheap, rushed games that severely lack in quality.
3.11 __________ is an extremely popular strategy game in South Korea.
3.12 ____________ is a game that produced a terrible movie, which was then translated into a game based on the movie.
3.13 _________ was arguably the first game to reveal the protagonist was actually a woman at the end of the game.
3.14 Gamers are prompted to press the ______ button in the main screen of most games.
3.15 RPGs have different ways of being categories, one of which is to classify it as either Japanese or __________.
3.16 ____________ is the mastermind behind many franchises that appear exclusively on Nintendo.

Below are the answers.

Answers for Part 1
1.01 Jump
1.02 DLC
1.03 Noob
1.04 3
1.05 PS3, Xbox 360, Wii
1.06 Left Analog Stick
1.07 Extra Life
1.08 Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start
1.09 Kane
1.10 Worms
1.11 Uwe Boll

Answers for Part 2
2.01 Master Chief
2.02 Link
2.03 Nathan Drake
2.04 Mario
2.05 Cloud
2.06 Marcus Fenix
2.07 Ryu Hayabusa
2.08 Solid Snake
2.09 Gordon Freeman
2.10 Lloyd Irving
2.11 Sergeant Cortez
2.12 Mao
2.13 Commander Shepard
2.14 Welkin Gunther
2.15 Faith
2.16 Eddie Riggs
2.17 Nathan Hale
2.18 Baldur
2.19 Starkiller
2.20 Vyse
2.21 Leon Kennedy
2.22 Kratos
2.23 Nomad
2.24 The Lone Wanderer

Answers for Part 3
3.01 Crysis
3.02 Gamefaqs
3.03 Counterstrike
3.04 Soul Calibur
3.05 151
3.06 Dominic Santiago
3.07 Farmville
3.08 E3
3.09 Natal
3.10 Shovelware
3.11 Starcraft
3.12 Street Fighter
3.13 Metroid
3.14 Start
3.15 Western
3.16 Shigeru Miyamoto

Feel free to add your own or suggest changes. I'll probably do an updated "test" based on the questions you post in the comments below.

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