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So in my travels around the good ol' WWW lately, there seems to be more rumblings about girls playing games and there seems to be a great ruckus (read: whining) about how this is somehow a bad thing.  Why is that?

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Kotaku recently ran this article about crass morons posting "fake game girls" advisories around RTX recently and Dtoid's own Jim Sterling has a Jimquisition on the subject.

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Near as I can tell this hullabaloo stems from the use of booth babes or other models in game promotion, which has somehow spread to women in other media using a gamer persona to try to gain an audience.   The focal point of this seems to be that a lot of male gamers feel these women are somehow desecrating their way of life by doing what they're doing.  Let the witch hunt begin.

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Speaking from personal experience, my own girlfriend is also a gamer.  She is frequently asked to "prove" this gaming prowess by playing something like Call of Duty.  When she explains that she mainly plays RPGs or other more story driven games, she's dismissed as a "fake" gamer at best or a treacherous whore at worst.

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Now, the question I have to ask is: How is this effecting anyone playing games?  Are these women coming into your home and standing in front of your TV? Are they hiding the power cord to your console or hiding the controller?  Are they stealing your games? No?  Then what's all the fuss about?

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At first glance, this seems like ye olde sexism, but maybe not quite.  I submit the following example:

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My money says this woman doesn't give a second thought about the car she's posing on and you don't care whether she likes the car or not.  She's just a working girl collecting her paycheck.  I'd also wager I'm not going to hear any complaints about how this is diminishing your enjoyment of owning and driving an automobile.  Anyone?  No?

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So then what makes this different?:

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How is she ruining gaming?  There is only one instance where I could see this becoming an issue.  Also from personal experience, when a friend of mine started dating his current girlfriend, she knew he was into games and she said she was too.  It quickly became apparent that she was not.  Fortunately it wasn't a major hang up for them and nothing came of it.  He still enjoys his games and she no longer tries to act like she plays them regularly (or at all really).

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Now if the above situation could put a damper on you day, well you need to address that in your own way with your significant other.  If someone is trying to get with you by pretending they're into what you're into, then you need to air it out quick or you're gonna run into problems.  Otherwise quit complaining and get back to your game.

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