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S0LID B0SS's blog

9:25 PM on 07.14.2013

Bobservations: No Girls Allowed?

blank space So in my travels around the good ol' WWW lately, there seems to be more rumblings about girls playing games and there seems to be a great ruckus (read: whining) about how this is somehow a bad thing.  Why is that...   read

11:31 PM on 07.07.2013

Bobservations: I'd Buy That For a Dollar

USED GAMES ARE EVIL! How many times have we heard this?  Just ask Cliffy B.  He'll be happy to tell you all about it.  He and a lot of other folks in the industry have varying viewpoints on the subject on both sides of the ...   read

7:43 AM on 06.30.2013

Bobservations: Why So Serious?

blank line Good Morning, kids.  Today I'm talking about fans vs "fanboys."  When does taking something too seriously make us morons? blank line It's great to be a fan of something.  Your favorite team, actor or even game/gam...   read

1:00 PM on 06.20.2013

Bobservations: The Xbox One Hell of a Mess

Greetings, Dtoiders.  My name's Bob Ellis (hence the clever title lol). I've been frequenting this site for some years now and have been content to sit in the shadows and watch the daily comings and goings, but no longer.  I'...   read

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