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How to start a flame war on a gaming site

We gamers are an opinionated bunch. Games old and new are routinely compared to titles even remotely similar - and in certain cases, compared to games with zero in common save for their interactivity. As online gaming med...


The Twelve Step Program (Gamer's Edition)

The Twelve Step Program (Gamer's Edition) Like many of you, i believe i have a problem and now realise that i need help. My actions have caused me to neglect my obligations, created periods of financial strain, and left m...


The worst sex offenders in gaming

Attention citizens! Coinciding with a marked jump in the incidence of digital deviance in recent years, reports have been made of suspicious characters lurking among game collections worldwide. For your safety, we have comp...


So, you want to be a games writer?

*An aspiring gaming writer's look at what like minded individuals should consider while in the process of developing their craft - equal parts self aggrandising, pretentious and (hopefully) somewhat interesting, Stephen Pas...


Multiplayer - check the use-by date

The current console generation has ushered in many things we gamers take for granted nowadays. From downloadable content to high definition graphics, a lot of what is now common was either something of a rarity or widely no...


S. Pastic @ the Mana Bar

Thanks to a riptastic earlier post by Dtoid Australia (The Mana Bar : Australia's first gaming destination), lets keep this short and sweet....like a midget dipped in sugar. For the two of you who havent read the aformenti...


Are we giving motion controls a chance?

Nintendo Wii. Project Natal. Sony "infringing copyright". Much has been made in recent months of the "motion control craze", with an overwhelmingly unanimous viewpoint. To put it delicately, there seems to be a lacklust...


Something about sex: so predictable...

Okay, lets skip the verbal lubricant as we head straight for climax... Given its increasing prevalence over the last few years, sexual elements in games has become one of the bigger talking points of late. Just find any art...


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