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Hi, Ryoma Nagare here.
I'm from Italy. I'm born in 1985.
My passion for games started in a little bar, when i was just a kid, the place was filled with old man playing cards and smoking like there is no tomorrow (a nice Silent Hill feeling when you go in), teens playing pool and kids playing at the few coin op they have. My grandfather was often there too, always giving me some extra cash for (guess what?) playing more games, and i know it's kinda weird having childhood's memories in a place like this, but i love these memories anyway. The Game Boy first and the Super Nintendo after, were my two decisive step forward, and now after a not-so-little sad time (i have skipped the psone era), i'm trying to fill the gaps and stay up-to-date with the current generation. In the lasts years i bought a Nintendo Ds, a PlayStion 2 and just some months ago a XBOX 360, so i'm doing my best with the time my university doesn't devour.
More info (favourite games) in the future (translation: when i have time to write them down).

Ryoma Nagare
1:25 AM on 05.05.2009

So finally i'm here.
I say finally because i'm following Destructoid for about a year and i just joined.
Why? Well i'm not sure i can do much for the community my english kinda suck (so have mercy if i rape your language sometime), actually is more that i'm afraid of messing thing up when i write it down because when i read/listen i understand every single word (no sense being here otherwise). And i don't have much time either, often i have to read like 3 weeks of news in a row because i'm not at home.
So again, why?
Because i fuckin love this community and the awesome staff of destructoid. And videogames of course.
I want to be one of you. I want to comment news, article, review, anything! make some friends and if i can, share my portion of the passion that brought us here.
So nice to meet you all boys, girls and robots.