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Ryoma Nagare's blog

1:25 AM on 05.05.2009

A little intro

So finally i'm here.
I say finally because i'm following Destructoid for about a year and i just joined.
Why? Well i'm not sure i can do much for the community my english kinda suck (so have mercy if i rape your language sometime), actually is more that i'm afraid of messing thing up when i write it down because when i read/listen i understand every single word (no sense being here otherwise). And i don't have much time either, often i have to read like 3 weeks of news in a row because i'm not at home.
So again, why?
Because i fuckin love this community and the awesome staff of destructoid. And videogames of course.
I want to be one of you. I want to comment news, article, review, anything! make some friends and if i can, share my portion of the passion that brought us here.
So nice to meet you all boys, girls and robots.


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