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Ryne Sechrist avatar 4:00 PM on 10.06.2013  (server time)
Will Wind Waker be the start of good things for the Wii U?

It's no secret, I have been a fan of the Wii U since it's beginning. I love the gamepad and what the system can do. It's a fantastic gaming console. That being said the console is still suffering from lack of third party support and many argue first part support is rough too. Well that at least should change. And in my opinion it starts with The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. 

I have the original game for the Gamecube still inside the system. I played it and beat it just as I do with all Zelda games. It's my favorite series so of course. The Wind Waker was most controversial at the time of it's release. I remember many fans (including me) at the time throwing a fit over the graphics. Mostly because we were shown demo footage of the system with Link in the Spaceworld 2000 trailer (if you don't know it, Google is your friend). This trailer made it seem that Nintendo was taking Link in a realistic adult version. Which we LOVED. Then we got Wind Waker. Now after playing it on the cube, I have to admit I do enjoy the graphics and story. The game is good. It wasn't on my top five but I did like it. It was somewhat limited with the hardware at the time and also had some annoying, imo, parts to the game.

Fast forward 10 years and I have played Wind Waker HD for my Wii U. This title has given new breath into this game for me. The Wii U version of this game bumps the game into my top five Zelda. I love all the new additions and upgrades this game has over the original. It really helps me get into the game and want to play more. Easily the best game for the Wii U right now. Believe me, I understand it's a decade old game and it's a new system BUT it's very fun and even if you have played Wind Waker, get this game. Boating is faster and more fun. The graphics make it so crisp. Finding bottles is fun and adds a layer of collection. The range of sight is so great too. You really feel it when you are boating or looking out at the horizon. I can't recommend this more.

Now with this game officially released, it sort of kicks off a new era for the Wii U. We have a ton of first party and some third party games coming out. We'll see the numbers soon to tell if Zelda has an impact on people wanting the Wii U. But I believe the holiday season will bring new consoles to people's homes. We have a price drop as well! That should be an extra incentive to pick up a Wii U. I know in my area that all the pre-orders were sold out which makes me feel that the game will do quite well. I really want to hear what you guys think. If you have a Wii U, did you purchase Zelda? If you don't have a Wii U, does Zelda make you want to purchase one? Or what software are you most excited for?

Take care!

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