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Ryne Sechrist avatar 8:18 AM on 03.25.2013  (server time)
Nintendo: A week in review #1

This is my weekly blog of everything Nintendo this week. I made this blog so you can have a one place that would give you all the information you need from the week. Look through it and if you find something I overlooked or would like to mention something, leave a comment!

Week March 24th

Luigi's Mansion came out on Sunday this week. The game is very fun and you'll find a lot of ghosts to hunt. Nintendo did a great job marketing this game and even placed a special visit from Miyamoto himself in the Mii Plaza. Luigi is once again needed to bust ghosts in mansions in the valley. He uses his special vacuum cleaner to solve puzzles and capture ghosts for research. The game stays true to a lot of the original game play. This time around is more puzzle based and a lot of fun. Multiplayer is not accessible at first but shortly after completing four missions, is unlocked. You'll have a lot of fun playing online or local as there are a couple of game play modes and ghosts to see in multiplayer.

For Monday, owners of a 3DS once again received a system update. Version 5.0.0-11U has been made accessible via wireless. The update wasn't anything drastic but did include updates to eShop and some system improvements. You're required to update to access the eShop but I haven't found any issue with the update so I would recommend it.

Miiverse is coming to smartphones, PC, and the 3DS....eventually. The apps for smartphones and PC should be released in May. Which is sooner than I expected. Now for the 3DS update, which I am much more excited about, doesn't have a date yet but will be released this year. Now this is huge for the 3DS but as noted by Nintendo a lot of the already released games will NOT be Miiverse compatible.

Netflix is on Nintendo TVii FINALLY! Also no update is required. This is a great addition and should make watching your favorite shows on Netflix more enjoyable. I have to admit at the time of this writing, I have not used it yet. However, once I get home tonight, I'll be watching some Walking Dead.

Sad news for the week

Battlefield 4 will not be coming to the Wii U. This makes me sad as it feels like game companies still don't trust the platform for strong sales. Which I don't blame them as Black Ops II was released at launch and Activision has been vocal about it's slow sales. I hope this doesn't become the norm as it will help in the demise of the Wii U. Nintendo NEEDS third party publishers to release games for the Wii U that the Playstation and Xbox will get.

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