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6:19 PM on 11.19.2008

New Brunswick, Canada game vendors to require a licence

I was watching EP dailing a while ago, and aparently they are going to make it law that stores have a lisence to sell games. Unfortunetly, I can't seem to find the source material produced by the province, but it was on the show, and he was not pleased. Myself, I'm a terrible game due to lack of funds or time, but that's another story (WC3 probably plays a part in that too).

It is suppose to limit the access of minors to getting mature games, which is fine by me, since I'm old enough.
However, I wonder about the used game market. A lot of used games are from flea markets and yard sales. With this system, would it make it illegal for someone to sell their old games? The way it sounds is that it will be regulated just like liquor and gambling, inspectors and all. I checked the gov't website, to no avil.

How does everyone else feel about this, espically fellow NBers.

-Update: I finally found an article on it, who'd of thought to check my local news paper!

-Also, I'll get around to make some sort of introduction post, eventually...   read

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