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2:16 PM on 02.02.2009

So, I've been following this little device since it was first mentioned here on Dtoid, however long ago that was. It's been an interesting story to follow, and luckily they are nearing the finish of this amazing series of events. Personally, I wasn't too sure about it, until last night. For some reason it just clicked, "I could get one of those..." So, I now have an order number and am just setting up the payment details! Luckily, they reopend the preorders, so I'm not able to get one.

For those who havenít really looked into it since the story was posted, everything got delayed. Hard. Clearly, it never got released by the end of December that they had predicted. This was for various factors, all explained on the website here. Basically, due to the influx of preorder payments, and breaching some PayPal rules, their bank account Ėthat also had the dev money- got frozen for about a month. This in turn caused the supplied to go and sell the parts they had ordered to someone else, meaning that they had to wait for more to be made. There were other various problems too, but thatís the major stuff as far as Iím aware. Doesnít bother me, hell, we are getting more ram out of this!

Iím sure thereís at least a few people around here still following this little bugger, but has anyone here actually ordered one?

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