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At some point, I might care enough to write something meaningful.

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A few weeks ago while doing my monthly check of various sites, I happened upon a new game. On the NoHunters Itís really late, and I know no matter how well rested I am I cannot explain it any better than TheBigGame, feel free to check out what he had to say about it.

In short, itís a freakiní fun and addictive 2D flying game where you continually blast away at other planes, in either a team to kill a base or in a free for all. Iíve not bought the game, and have very limited experience, probably about 4 hours of play time, but I am probably going to buy it based on this. Right now, Iíve been playing the demo, which is readily available at the site, here. Iíll probably be picking up the game within the next week or so. The install folder is only about 200MB. Someone around here may enjoy it, right?

I figured Iíd let you guys know about this, did a quick search and didnít see anything written about it (sorry if Iím reposting!). Some more summer time wasting fun really.

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