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At some point, I might care enough to write something meaningful.

Currently playing:
TF2 and WC3 @ 640x480 res! Yay for intergrated graphics on laptops! Waiting to see if L4D will run on my PC once it's fixed


A few weeks ago while doing my monthly check of various sites, I happened upon a new game. On the NoHunters Itís really late, and I know no matter how well rested I am I cannot explain it any better than TheBigGame, feel free to check out what he had to say about it.

In short, itís a freakiní fun and addictive 2D flying game where you continually blast away at other planes, in either a team to kill a base or in a free for all. Iíve not bought the game, and have very limited experience, probably about 4 hours of play time, but I am probably going to buy it based on this. Right now, Iíve been playing the demo, which is readily available at the site, here. Iíll probably be picking up the game within the next week or so. The install folder is only about 200MB. Someone around here may enjoy it, right?

I figured Iíd let you guys know about this, did a quick search and didnít see anything written about it (sorry if Iím reposting!). Some more summer time wasting fun really.

Random Screens:

Photo Photo Photo

Well, I just happened to check on the site to see if there was any new news, and there was! Recently Jarret had posted a long (yet brief) "what's going on now" type deal. He made mention on how they're all working towards actually getting a new episode out, and dealing with the loss of "T-Bag". Among other things, he talks about some of his early gaming history and how it was an inspiration for his current project.

In the note, he mentions two projects they are working on. One of them had no details given aside from it actually existing. The other on the other hand is going to be His (their?) interpretation on how BBS games should look like in the 21st century.

I for one am rather excited about this, and hope they do an excellent job, creating an excellent game.

For the entire post check out: http://www.purepwnage.com/index.php?GUID=86392

2:16 PM on 02.02.2009

So, I've been following this little device since it was first mentioned here on Dtoid, however long ago that was. It's been an interesting story to follow, and luckily they are nearing the finish of this amazing series of events. Personally, I wasn't too sure about it, until last night. For some reason it just clicked, "I could get one of those..." So, I now have an order number and am just setting up the payment details! Luckily, they reopend the preorders, so I'm not able to get one.

For those who havenít really looked into it since the story was posted, everything got delayed. Hard. Clearly, it never got released by the end of December that they had predicted. This was for various factors, all explained on the website here. Basically, due to the influx of preorder payments, and breaching some PayPal rules, their bank account Ėthat also had the dev money- got frozen for about a month. This in turn caused the supplied to go and sell the parts they had ordered to someone else, meaning that they had to wait for more to be made. There were other various problems too, but thatís the major stuff as far as Iím aware. Doesnít bother me, hell, we are getting more ram out of this!

Iím sure thereís at least a few people around here still following this little bugger, but has anyone here actually ordered one?

So, I finally got some paypal hooked up again, so I'm making good on my promise to get the games I've pirated and played when I was able to actually get them (see not all pirates are evil!). So, I've got a few things choosen already.

I need some suggestions on some games that I may of missed. Debating Left 4 Dead, simply because my desktop is currently broken.
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Games at the momment:
World of Goo
Audio Surf
Heavy Weapon - It's $0.99, why not!

Alreaady own (that may come up):
Orange box
Geometry wars
Gary's mod
CS CS:S and all that junk

for reference sake (once it gets fixed) my main computer is:
Athlon 64 3200+
1gig ddr2-800
BFG nVidia OC 6600 FX @ 512mb

Today I was recruited by my father to "set up the X-box", in other words, get it online. I am sorry to you all. Now, my hyperactive, 12-year old step brother is online. I really had no choice in the matter, and there was a box of turtles in it for me (mmmmm...).

So, there you have it, you have a fellow gamer to blame for enabling yet another loud kid with a mic on the Live. Thankfully, I can't afford a 360!

[/bad blog]

So, I got a little carried away, but itís typed so it will be posted, I wonít feel bad if you TL;DR it.

First off, Iím a terrible, over wordy writer, and I apologize for that.

Iíve been lurking the website for about a year now (since 10 golden rules of online gaming was first put out Ė which are on my wall by the way). Generally speaking, I donít post on websites, ever. Though, one day there was a Guild Wars pet contest, so I registered, for that, didnít even post in the end. I canít say I have a whole lot to offer, but at the moment I donít feel like studying for my organic chem exam, so here I am.

I canít say I have any particular affinity towards certain types of games, just like my music, I try to take it on a game by game basis. That being said, there certainly are some series that Iíve been in love with since the beginning. Generally though: RTS, strategic ďgridĒ RPGS (FFT, Shining Force)

Beloved games (that I can think of right now):
Sonic, pretty much everything Sonic Advance and before
Warcraft series, but not WoW, never WoW. I play tons of WC3
Diablo 2, not loved, hated actually. But, I spent 2.5 years of my life on it, so it gets a spot
Team Fortress 2
Midnight rescure (dos)

Consoles owned (not all at once):
5 Sega Genesis Ė anyone else have this many break on you?
2 Dreamcasts Ė Brother pawned one on me
N64 - watermelon colour, heck yea!
2 Playstations Ė Brotherís friend stole one, and presumably pawned
PS2 Ė Only just got it for this year at college, brotherís
Atari Flashback 2 Ė impulse buy, didnít even work right

Iím primarily a computer gamer, since computer games tend to have much more longevity, or at least they did before the advent of online console gaming. This is because Iíve had the problem of saving for a console, getting it, and never getting games, due to lack of an allowance.

Playing right now:
Katamari Damacy Ė Working on it slowly, pretty fun
Team Fortress 2
Warcraft 3
Guild Wars- Occasionally

The most time Iíve invested into games would be:
Diablo 2 Ė too much time to countÖwell over 2000 hours in 2.5 years, soul sucking!
Warcraft 3 Ė not much better, Iíd say about 1500-2000 hours in the last couple years
Sonic Ė Oh, tons. I love that blue bugger
Team Fortress 2 Ė steadily increasing, got the game in March, playing it on and off

Other tidbits:
Real name: Typically people donít know my real name, itís usually some form of ďMerksĒ, such as Merksy, Merkasaurous, Merkintosh, Merkintire, Massa MerksyÖyou get the point.
Atlantic Canadian
19 years old, 2nd and final year of college Ė Biotechnology, might university, might not. Looking into a job at a brewery.
I love irony applied in real lifeÖSuch as I donít even drink, yet my main job prospect of a brewery
Always go by Rygiz or Merksy, though I do have a Lollerbate account on WC3
Itís said RYE-GIZ, not RYE-JIZZ, g as in grass or glass
Music: I prefer to go song by song, but as a general rule I avoid more rap, and pop. AIíve got an affinity towards metal, punk, techno, industrial, epic video game music and those awesome 80ís songs.