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I work in Redmond, WA, right outside of Seattle. Redmond is the home of Microsoft and is just a couple miles from Kirkland, where Google is.

I work at a new startup called Empower.me. We focus on keeping kids in school, doing really well in school, and preparing them for their lives.

We accomplish this by finding what they love to do and allowing them to learn through what they love. Everyone loves different things and is talented in unique ways. Why make everyone learn the same way?

We change that! We empower teenagers through their passions.

As Steve Jobs said, "The only way to do good work is to love the thing you do."


When it comes to gaming, my age starts to show. I was on the cutting edge back when Half Life came out. I loved that game. My friends used to network computers on a "hub" (long before they were called a switch) because our dial-up internet was too slow. Now, I'm older and slower, and so is my gaming.

Games I Play(ed)

Almost all Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis games.

Air Warrior Classic (AOL/Gamestorm)
Air Warrior 3 (Kesmai/Gamestorm)

Half-Life Multiplayer
Half Life / Day of Defeat (still play)
Half Life / Counterstrike
Half-Life / Team Fortress

Unreal Tournament

Quake 3

Age of Empires II
Age of Empires III (still play)

Lord of the Rings Online (still play)

Call of Duty Franchise Games

Assassin's Creed
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I will start by saying that I love console games. They are a lot of fun in the right context. However, I can't see how a console could ever be considered as good as the pc platform for gaming.

Two things I notice that is better in PC games:

Control Depth

Sure, they are adding all kinds of buttons to the console controller. I started playing when there was one button, or just a wheel your turned. But the PC has always outclassed console games in control depth.

Take any Jane's Flight Sim. Every keyboard key is attached to a control of the aircraft. Then you have alt, control, and shift to add even more controls than even a keyboard can offer.

There is no way to have that amount of control using a handheld xbox controller.

Aside from that is speed and control at the same time. I'm a big "mouse" fan. I can run, jump, leap, fall, and always keep my sites where I want them, for the most part.

With a joystick-based thumb-control, no matter how much you speed up the sensitivity of the stick, it's still not as accurate as using a mouse.

People that have never gotten over the mouse-shooter learning curve, or never even tried to play shooters on a PC argue with me over this. But I have given both platforms many hours of play. Mouse still have a better control system than joysticks.

Multiplayer Depth

I love playing multiplayer in the stage maps in just about every shooter. What I do hate is these blockbuster games that are making a billion dollars in 24 hours, like Black Ops II, that ship without the ability to play COOP campaigns.

When there are two buddies getting together just to play xbox, why not allow them to explore the theatrical story of the game together in co-op? You can do it split-screen or just on networked xboxes. But most of the games out there refuse to add this feature.


I will give sports games to the console. PC versions of sports games are usually just cheap replicas of the console version. The PC hand controllers were never perfected either.

I will give graphics to the console games. They are simply amazing. Unless you have an AMAZING gaming PC, graphics won't get anywhere close to the consoles.

The solution is to merge the two platforms.

Microsoft has the edge in the console market with the xbox. They have the community on xbox live. They also have their windows operating system on just about every computer in the world. (says the guy blogging from a mac)

Why don't they spend a little bit of their enormous income on creating a bridge between platforms?

If they ever do, I've got a lot of young, whipper-snapper xbox players who I'm ready to slaughter when I get my mouse!

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