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Ryan in Seattle avatar 2:01 PM on 12.18.2012  (server time)
New Startup For Teens Passionate About Gaming

Teenagers spend hours each week engrossed in fictional worlds in one video game or another. They may fail three thousands times but, before they get off the couch, they are going to conquer their obstacle and claim victory! is for teen gamers to easily learn how to build games themselves as well as get jobs in the video game industry. In order to spend your life playing video games, you have to learn a thing or two about what makes video games work. makes learning cool things an experience like playing a game. In other words it’s fun and valuable at the same time.

There is an endless amount of opportunities for careers in video games:
- Programmers
- World Builders
- Audio Production
- Concept Artists
- 3D Modelers
- Testers
- Physicists & Scientists
- Writers, Reviewers, and Journalists
- Marketing & PR
- Sales

What does it take to land an awesome career in video games? According to Bobby Loertscher, a Community Manager for Zen Studios, “Play a lot. Write a lot.” Bobby’s actual career is a blogger and online community manager; meaning she is a writer. Her passion is gaming, her talent is writing, and she has the job she loves. is a tool for teen gamers to discover the same thing about themselves. If you’re interested in physics and love video games, there is high demand for physicists to work for video game to make sure simulation is realistic. What cooler way to use your talents in physics than making video games awesome?

There is also added incentives for teen gamers to use the system. If gamers get their parents involved, they can make extra spending money from their parents with each learning video they watch if they pass the 5 question quiz at the end. Some gamers are making enough in allowance to buy a new video game every 2 or 3 weeks. They can also get help with homework, improve their GPA the fun way, and prepare for college and the ACT, PSAT, and SAT. is not just about learning video games. It broadens your focus to show you many different ways that gaming could be a part of your future. It paints a well rounded path for you to follow so that you know where you’re going in life and are learning exactly how to get there.

Instead of “wasting time” playing video games every week, will show you how to “invest” all those hours and get a degree and career that you will love. Check out for Gamers and let me know what you think.

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