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Ryan in Seattle's blog

2:33 PM on 01.07.2013

Blaming Violence On Games: Is It Really Productive?

Video games are in the news quite often these days. Mostly, getting negative attention thanks to the Sandy Hook school shooter being a player of Black Ops II. The criticism of games is nothing new. - Violent videos games...   read

3:41 PM on 01.03.2013

Advice on Building a Gaming Curriculum For Teenagers

Okay Destructoid, I need your advice! I've talked to a lot of people recently about the ins and outs of a career in gaming. I work for a new startup,, in the Seattle area that is designing a passion discovery/ed...   read

1:04 PM on 12.28.2012

Best Career Path in Gaming

It's no secret that the major, blockbuster game developers are slimming down. More and more studios are popping up, and closing down thanks to big publishers taking most of the profit of the video games. On the other hand ...   read

2:01 PM on 12.18.2012

New Startup For Teens Passionate About Gaming

Teenagers spend hours each week engrossed in fictional worlds in one video game or another. They may fail three thousands times but, before they get off the couch, they are going to conquer their obstacle and claim victory!...   read

5:24 PM on 11.29.2012

PC vs. Console / My Argument

I will start by saying that I love console games. They are a lot of fun in the right context. However, I can't see how a console could ever be considered as good as the pc platform for gaming. Two things I notice that is ...   read

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