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11:18 PM on 12.11.2011

My Ideas on the Future of Pokémon

I was originally going to post this on a Speak Up article on Kotaku, but it got pretty lengthy for a comment. So, I decided to post it as a note on Facebook instead.

A lot of people commented with how they need to quit adding more Pokémon. I personally have no problem with Pokémon that everyone else deems repetitive. If we are to believe that Pokémon are the animals of this game's universe, then there are going to be different versions of the same thing. Sorry, but the argument against new Pokémon has never had much standing with me. In every generation they have a large amount of common Pokémon and a few unique ones. This is true of every generation, including the original 151. Quit your bitching.

Also, this "Pokémon should be an MMO" trend is bogus. Every time a game goes MMO, it ruins things for long-time fans. I've been waiting for Age of Empires IV since I saw the teaser flyer showing the generations going up to V. Yet, this year, they roll out AoE: Online. Now, as we can all assume based on what has happened with previous MMOs, we will probably never see the next chronological Age of Empires game. I don't want this to happen with yet another of my favorite game series. However, this is supposed to be about how I feel the series should advance. So, here are my ideas for the game.

I agree with what most people say about the art direction. It's high time for Pokémon to fully advance to the realm of 3D. Every time we've played a Pokémon game set in a 3D environment, our minds have been blown with how awesome they look in a non-sprite form. Why do you think Snap was so effing popular? I can promise you it wasn't because kids have a fixation with taking pictures (not entirely, anyway).

I also like the idea of being able to travel to any town. However, that doesn't mean I want the gym leaders to be the same level as me when I encounter them. Call me a stickler for pain, but I think if you're going to be able to travel to any town, you should be able to get your ass handed to you by the gym leader when you challenge them before you're ready. If you just started playing, and you decide to travel to Viridian to challenge Giovanni, his level 50 Rhydon should whipe the floor with your level 6 Charmander.

Just like most gamers, I am a bit tired of the traditional turn-based nature of JRPGs. Pokémon doesn't need to be an Action RPG. However, it would benefit from an attack-ready gauge. Instead of just going in turns, each Pokémon can attack when their gauge is full. This could be a way to implement more in-depth use of a Pokémon's speed stat. The higher the speed stat, the faster the gauge fills, and the sooner you can attack. In my opinion, this would add an acceptable layer of difficulty to keep the game from stagnating, but still allow for all ages to pick the game up like before.

Also, down the line, it would be nice to have a game that allows you to take an adventure through the entire world. This may be something they can tier. I'm assuming there will be more regions that connect to Unova eventually. So, the first game would cover Johto, Kanto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh (since they're the only ones that are currently contiguous). This would require either a level cap system to be utilized until you advance to the next region, or a rise in the existing level limit. Capping seems like a better approach, because there are already 100 levels that a Pokémon can advance through. Having the caps of each region set to quarters (25 levels per region) seems logical. Wouldn't it be awesome to go up against the Elite Four at the end of a lengthy quest through four regions and face a beast-mode League Champion that has level 90-100 Pokémon? I think so.

These are all the ideas I have, so far. However, I may be adding more as time goes on. After all, I didn't come up with these ideas over night. These are ideas I've been developing in my mind for a couple of years now. If you guys would like to add anything, feel free. If you want, I could even compile our ideas and we can send a formal idea suggestion letter of some kind to Nintendo. I'm not sure how we could go about it, but I do know you can't do it by e-mail.   read

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