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pronounced: Are skim Bee

here are some factoids about me:
I have a PS3 and an NES.
Raphael is my favorite ninja turtle
I skate(badly)
I live around the DC area
I'm fluent in one language
Music and video games are my main obsessions.

Favorite Games:
Final Fantasy IX

currently obsessing over:
games i have no money for
depressing music

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5:54 PM on 09.25.2007

no not Halo 3. After calling around 5 local Targets I finally found one that knew what I was talking about/selling black psp slim early. Picked it up today, its as lightweight as advertised, everything looks pretty good so far. The packaging was annoying as hell though, you shouldnt have to use a knife to open up something that costs 169+ dollars. It'll probably be another week until i can get any games or a memory card. Lol my first next gen system is a handheld. Woot woot woot i'm so giddy right now.


11:54 PM on 09.21.2007

I'm being a little facetious, but not really.

7:42 AM on 09.17.2007

So the Dual Shock 3 has apparently been 'Confirmed' For TGS. Still looks awkward, like the analog nubs are too low or something. Obviously someone needs to get "hands-on" this thing and tell us how ergonomic this thing is.

3:34 AM on 09.17.2007

Ah the eye straining fun. Takes me back to long boring car rides to New Jersey to visit aunts and putting batteries in the freezer. My first introduction to the Ninja Gaiden franchise was actually with the Tiger Electronics version of Ninja Gaiden II. Incredibly addictive and fun stuff, all of it. I think Ninja Gaiden II taught me my first serious lesson that electronics and water dont mix after trying to clean the screen under a running faucet (i was 6 but pretty dumb move nonetheless). Graduating to an NES and eventually a Game Boy i didnt play many more tiger handhelds but those were good times we had. Good times indeed. Also, batteries not included.

How is this game not playable like yesterday? Its probably the nostalgia talking but X-Men Arcade was one of the best beat em ups EVER. Someone needs to put this out.

He's back... first there was Cocolate Rain, followed by Internet Dream and the supremely shitty rap song no one remembers. Now Tay is back with "Do the Cant Dance". Awkwardness is in full effect and Tay makes me feel like Fred Astaire or whatever contemporary dancer I'm supposed to substitute him with these days. Enjoy. Cringe. Throw tomatoes.