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8:21 PM on 11.30.2011

Tales from Skyrim: My Glitch Free Adventure

Wait don't be like that, this tale is a pleasant one.

I saw many humorous glitch videos of Skyrim to the point that the glitches was the selling point to me.
I got the PS3 version in the morning after my mother got the game and threw on me, but I'm off topic when I started the game after messing around with the character customization around 10 AM, I did the main quest in one challenging and beautiful sitting, throughout the game if there was any glitches to be had I did not experience them, I was so pleased and charmed by the entire game that I forgot that I was in it for the funny glitches, that game took my entire day and the days to follow only to myself stopping for personal business.

Sadly because of my glitch free experience and careless nature I do not have any funny pictures to share with you all. ;-;

After beating the main quest ignoring all side quests as a Strong Nord Knight I decided to make a new game, with a new character with a different race, I went the other introduction quest route to see any different but it was merely fighting some brown guys instead some blue guys.

But despite the underwhelming consequence as it was not a permanent one, I found myself yet again losing my time as a Sneaky Archer Imperial, and I found exploits with the AI where I could quietly kill 2 or 3 of the 5 bandits without scaring them off, but other than that I found no glitches of any kind, just self righteous exploits. It was dark and I was sleepy for rest I accidentally saved over my Nord Knight, I awoke finding out not so impaired, I didn't seem to care that my save was gone, the Main quest was a wonderful tale but as most Skyrim players know you don't even have to bother with playing the main quest.

Friends among me share YouTube links or talk about the lady that walked on air, despite me not having a single glitch of any kind I did have some humorous moments with exploits like the Kettle Steal Trick or had moments where I just left conversation while crouching with a murderous Mage only to somehow forget she was just making eye contact with me; allowing me to arrow her face with my Sneak Skill leveling up allowing for a short phase.

"I leveled up my skill trait by standing still talking to a lady that wanted me dead."

To those who have yet to play Skyrim, Glitches or none at all; you can definitely enjoy yourself without a vague clue of what to do.

Sure I don't need that backwards flying Dragon to make my game experience better, but it would be a pleasant surprise.
Now excuse me as I find myself lost again in the fun of Skyrim. GOTY? I don't care if it wins or not it's worth the time and money.   read

4:01 PM on 07.07.2011

Curiosity : Localization

As Current Dtoid Citizens we all notice the hype to localize 3 specific Wii games.

As well as the question of bring to America.

Obviously we all got the definitive answer in the Jimquisition.

And a certain head of Nintendo stated about FPS with justified hateful regard of localization.

But I have a question that the internet has been out of date from.

How long, and how much does it take to localize a Japanese game even if a English*England standards* standard exists or not?

One Article from 2009 states it is 17 to 30 weeks (3.2 to 6.9 months).

But this is regards to Atlus, not Nintendo or any other companies, so How long does it take them to actually localize these games?

But if they do take 3 or 7 months, and If Nintendo were to break down now, we could be able to get them by October to February...Yikes.

Could Localizing these games so close to the end of the Wii's lifetime be a bad move?

I mean it's not like any good game didn't sell well at the end of a console's life.

Could Localizing these games get in the way of a certain Zelda game?
But that question cannot be answer without being out of line.

But in case of I missed an article some time ago, How long does it take to localize an Eastern game to the West?   read

10:57 PM on 11.13.2010

Call of the Duty - Black Oops Wii

Fun Fact - In concept, the 360/PS3 Versions are better
In Reality, more or less Modern Warfare 2
And In Shits and Giggles, I'll wait for the Call of duty Finale before buying any more call of duty.

Good News Wii fans, it has that "you walk in that shadowy area, your gun and arm goes all shadowy" effect,

I go online with my Cableone Internet *100 mbps* that's on a cheap wireless router that slows to down to a *54 mbps* and for me this is a decent connection seeing that I usually had 4 bars on the *Ps3* Modern Warfare 2.

My bar on Black ops multi-player jumped back to three to four at times, and lag wasn't an occurence for my 3 hour experience. Only issue that I had was there only 7000 people online, so getting online took some time, but there were a few times that the game would start, then go back to the lobby due to a server mishap. but as far as I've seen there is no "HOST MIGRATION" or just the game ended due to the host leaving deal. Though I could have just been lucky so far.

Customizing*as far as weapons and perks go* and leveling up are in the wii version.

I recall a video of a brief detail of the Wii verison having "back-end" Patching, but I'll get back to you guys when the game gets broken then fixed and what not.
DLC was rumored but I didn't notice a shop of any kind, so I'll take it as a "no."

Connection Result
"Its faster than Smash Bros Brawl, but its not as smooth as Mario Kart Wii"

The Quality of the game seems random,
such as some textures look appropriate for a wii game, but yet there are random high-quality textures, *wood planks and some fire effects look really fancy* then the sky looks like it was made of lego bricks.

Some models in the game look unfinished while some look pretty realistic, and then there's a rock that looks like a jellybean.
Zombies look like melted GI-Joe toys.

Audio always sounds great, but in the Zombie Mode this "Castro" guy sounded like he was on meth or something related when he was speaking, because he started singing for some reason.

Quality Result
Everything looks unfinished, and Castro Sings.

I can tolerate the Wiimote-numchuk controls, but I ended up using the Classic controller pro, but I did not like the default control for the firing button and all so I switched the buttons so my index finger would lay comfortably on the ADS and fire button.
For some reason I felt awkward using the wii-zapper for this game.

Also I don't like to sprint function for the classic controller, pressing the jump button while moving isn't the first thing that came to mind.
Also to dive in this game, just sprint then hit the crouch button, and you do a fancy dive trick, not as a fast as going to prone, but you can dodge some things, like claymores, even "push" a guy off the ledge, though this will not count as a kill sadly.

Control Result
"I think I should get a kill count for pushing that guy, and I would like to double tap to sprint plox"

Its a better Call of duty for the wii, in concept but I still need confirmation about that "patching" deal that's been going around.

Overall Number score
6/10 - If that patching is a reality add a point to the score.

Compared to my ps3 moments with Modern warfare 2, I actually enjoyed myself with black ops on the wii.

though you have to unlock weapons to purchase them on the wii version.   read

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