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Tales from Skyrim: My Glitch Free Adventure

Wait don't be like that, this tale is a pleasant one. I saw many humorous glitch videos of Skyrim to the point that the glitches was the selling point to me. I got the PS3 version in the morning after my mother got the gam...


Curiosity : Localization

As Current Dtoid Citizens we all notice the hype to localize 3 specific Wii games. As well as the question of bring to America. Obviously we all got the definitive answer in the Jimquisition. And a certain head of Nintend...


Call of the Duty - Black Oops Wii

Fun Fact - In concept, the 360/PS3 Versions are better In Reality, more or less Modern Warfare 2 And In Shits and Giggles, I'll wait for the Call of duty Finale before buying any more call of duty. Good News Wii fans, it has...


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