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Roth's blog

1:10 AM on 08.13.2008

Just Call Me Rob, Pretty Please

Heya D-troid, I'm Rob. I'm usually called "Roth" by many people in the online world, as you can probably tell by my username, so you can call me either/or.

Anyway, I do a various number of things that have to do with music, videos, and games. Most of the time, those three get meshed together, or a couple of them get meshed together... or there's no meshing. BUT! There's usually something that can be considered, ummm, there, or around here. I dunno, but you know what I mean (I know you don't know what I mean, so don't stress!).

I've been into gaming for a very, very long time. I've reached the ripe young age of 32 this year, which is a milestone for those that are just now 13 and have their eyes set on the big palindrome+1. My first gaming experiences were set through the Atari 2600, and various arcade machines at my local skating rink (Illini Skateland baby!). I just celebrated my 10th anniversary with my wife a few days ago, and we have a seven-year-old son that will kick the snot out of you in the first Soul Calibur. I think that's enough of the introduction thing, so I'll move on to what I have decided to do with this blog here on Destructoid.

As of late, I've been into creating games for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Yep, the good ol' NES that alot of us grew up with. I've successfully been able to create one game that works on the NES hardware so far, with a second in the works. Admittedly, neither of these games are what you would call "stellar," but I look at everything like a learning process. It's taken me a couple (read: few) years just to get a grasp on the basics. If no one likes my games, then that's fine. If they do, then great! I'm constantly trying to figure out how to do stuff on that 8-bit monster, so like I said earlier, it's all a learning process.

I plan to post about my development experiences here on D-troid. I'll probably start with some stuff from my first functioning game, Tic-Tac XO. I dunno, we'll see how it all goes.

Okay, this is long enough, I'm sure you're bored to tears if you've gotten this far in the bloggy-blog, so I'll let ya go now. Oh! Real quick-like, Sly Dog Studios is the name of the "company" that I use for the games that are created. I almost left you hangin' about why the banner says that up there! Alrighty then!

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