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Ross says:


// Submitted @ 5:53 AM on 02.06.2011

Hi, my name's Ross. I've been a member of Destructoid for quite a while now, and I've been through quite a few accounts - mainly through me forgetting the password/email address.

I'll pretend I'm new, so let's do some formalities. I'm 17 (since Wednesday); I live with my parents in the North East of England; I'm currently at Sixth Form, studying English Lit, History, Politics, Computing and Philosophy and Ethics; I own a cat, he's called Tom. Oh yeah, I forgot; I also like videogames.

I own a 360, a DS Lite, a GameBoy Micro, an iPod Touch and a Mac (not the best for games, but we're getting there).

Here's a picture of my game collection, for whoever's interested.

And here's some copy and pasted stuff from my last intro, albeit edited into relevance:

1. How'd you get into gaming?
Well I first got into gaming when I first saw the Pokémon anime on Cartoon Network (those were the days...) which indoctrinated me into joining the still-strong army of Pokémon fans. And what does every self-respecting Pokémon fan need? A GameBoy to play the games on! I remember pestering my parents for long enough to offer me the choice between a cat and a GameBoy; obviously I chose the limited edition Pikachu GameBoy bundled with Gold and Silver - but it's okay cat lovers, I'm not a heartless cat hater - I got the cat too!

2. What are your favourites?
I'd have to say my five favourite games are: Pokémon Gold/Silver, Star Wars: Battlefront 2, Fallout: New Vegas (used to be FO3, but I think it's been topped), Mass Effect and Half Life 2. (There are even more, and I think that one of the Fables needs a mention, as well as Oblivion but I'm going to keep it at five.)

3. What are you playing now?
I'm playing through the Undead Nightmare Collection for Red Dead Redemption. I've just finished Dead Space. I'm also dipping into the horror that is Deadly Premonition, I can only take that game in small doses.

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