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Dr Rockyowitz avatar 11:26 AM on 11.26.2012  (server time)
Re-Arranging the Game...Music.

Some video game themes are perfect. They have the perfect blend of harmony, melody, and catchiness to instill within us a warmth that only music can provide. Like all music, however, you can have fun with it and mix it up a bit, re-arranging a song by changing its instruments.
So you know those first two sentences? We're going to be messing that up royally (with some actual good ones)!

Game/Franchise: Pokemon
Song: All
Re-Arrangement: Orchestral

I'm going to get this one out of the way first because I was really impressed with the fan project, “Pokemon Reorchestrated”. However, I would do it a little bit differently, in that I would want the team that did the "Super Mario Galaxy theme" to do this. The acoustic guitar in the background, the quality of the sound, and the quirky sounds they created could really add to the Pokemon universe. However, there are the “darker” tunes (like the Battle vs Red) tune that would best be left up to the “Reorchestrated” fellow.

Game/Franchise: Bastion
Song: “Build That Wall (Zia's Theme)” by Darren Korb
Re-Arrangement: Dark Bar Blues (Piano, Guitar, Vocals, and Soft Drums)

That simple humming and acoustic finger-picking. It's extremely catchy and calls to mind a nice little blues tune. I know that after I heard this, I couldn't help but hum it wherever I was. There isn't really a drastic change that I would want here, but an awesome re-arrangement would be to give it the feeling of a “dark bar”. In movies that feature a lone female singing on stage with some instruments on the side, amidst the smoke and fog of corruption, you could hear these types of tunes. I'm probably messing the name of the “genre”, but that's the general idea.

Game/Franchise: Halo
Song: Main Theme from Halo 2 (could do the rest I suppose)
Re-Arrangement: Marching Band

Did you see that Ohio performance of the video game themes? Their version of the Halo theme, though it seemed a bit jumbled in the beginning, was pretty nice. I would love to see the main theme re-done to have those marching snares in there, to add some pop and liveliness into the tune.

Game/Franchise: Metroid Prime
Song: All
Re-Arrangement: Tom Morello

Not really something I would want to see being sold, but I'm sure as hell sold that this man could figure out how to get some of those quirky sounds with his guitar. Shout out to Brad Nicholson. Tom Morello.

Game/Franchise: The Legend of Zelda
Song: Main Theme
Re-Arrangement: Bagpipes.

Not even joking, it could be interesting. Hell, have it in the background for just one pass-through, but it could be good. Especially if they do something similar to Wind Waker again. Or, hell, just get this guy:

Game/Franchise: Super Meat Boy
Song: All
Re-Arrangement: Meshuggah.

Plus This:

I think the music is great as it is, but yes. Yep. Meatshuggah. Danny Baronowsky, the rest of the world: You're quite welcome.

Game/Franchise: Skyrim
Song: Main Theme
Re-Arrangement: Just add Valkyries.

Seriously, how awesome would it be to add in some screaming Valkyries on a refrain or something? I really have no way to change this song, as it felt great to me.

Game/Franchise: Borderlands 3
Song: All
Re-Arrangement: Me.

Just saying. I'll give Butt Stallion the theme she deserves. This may or may not be it:

That's all I've got for now, and thanks for reading! What are some rearrangements and mixes that you would like to see/hear?

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