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Dr Rockyowitz avatar 12:50 AM on 03.17.2011  (server time)
A Poem for Destructoid

So this is something I'm going to spit-ball as I type.

Is this a poem of love for a great site? Yes
Is this one devoted to both editors and the people that have made me laugh over the years? Yes
Is this a cheap cash-in?, probably not.

In times forgotten, without names
because it makes me sick,
I found a website for games
that had a phrase involving dick

With a feeling of wonder
and a gleeful bound,
I clicked the link, hyper
and enjoyed what I had found

A community of gamers,
united by a cause.
To just stfuajp games,
and journalism, because.

(Just so you know,
the rhyme scheme might not flow.
Just like it did now,
breaking the 4th wall lol)

The editors were sarcastic,
the readers even more.
Sometimes even vitrolic,
it tickled my Armored Core.

And the faps and years went by,
some editors said their goodbyes.
But we're all still here,
around our robot leader, Nier...o.

So here's to you birthday boy,
and our robot's anniversary.
Live the dream of gaming and writing,
and keep being so damn fly.

And here's to us, my fellow members.
Keep being awesome and remember:
Though we have different systems and styles,
we are all gamers, gamers for life.

Yep, this is what my English degree gets me. Thanks for reading this probably lame thing. In all seriousness though, I'm glad Destructoid is still around and I hope it stays that way. It's one of the best sites to give me news, and the people here have written amazing things that have made me think about gaming in new ways (story, how to make things better by doing simple things, etc.). Love you guys, love Destructoid.

Eventually, now that college is done, I hope to go to NARPS, attend conventions, and meet as many of you crazy bastards as I can. And hopefully be more involved in the community, since it is clearly one of the best. Chalk that up to shyness and writer's block when it comes to writing blogs. So I hope to do all of the above. Then I'll suffer some memory loss due to a convenient game trope, and do it all again!

A special shout-out to Steamtoid for helping me be a part of the community, even if my only claims to fame include CSI puns and my acronyms (acRonins). Without you guys, I would've never ripped on the VGA's and played copious amounts of Left 4 Friends. My life is more complete.

Now insert an in-joke of Destructoid to finish this off, and then go play some games (and rock on)!

-Thomas R. aka Ronin Zero

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