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7:31 PM on 10.09.2014

(Weird)Game Theories: The Truth about Pokemon


Pokemon are mysterious creatures. Able to summon unrealistic powers and battle with enemies several times their size on even footing. They are obviously the stuff of magical fantasy...or are they more Sci-Fi fantasy?

Who has seen the scifi comedy Futurama? In one paticular episode, the main characters are tasked with collecting time altering particles known as 'Chronotons, and later with cleaning up the mess this harvest causes: random time skips, often only in select areas and people, as things continue to spiral out of control in typical Futurama fasion.
Well... what if Pokemon do the same thing? What if Pokemon have time manipulation powers that were localized and controllable?

We will look at several points while examining this possibility: specific pokemon species, the process of evolution, the method of combat and the worlds history.

Exhibit 1: Slowpoke

Let's start with a paticular Pokemon, Slowpoke. A dimwitted pokemon "Known to fish with its tail". At first this seems innocent enough... until one thinks about how slow and stupid Slowpoke is, to the point it "Forgets what is was doing" allowing prey to escape. Not exactly good fisherman material there.
But Slowpoke was most certainly built for fishing; their tails secrete a honey like fragrance, hardly a defence mechanism. So what could a slowpoke possibly catch with its slow reflexes? Perhaps something that doesn't move once settled. Like a clam or oyster.

Exhibit 2: Slowbro

That Shellder latch onto Slowpoke is well known, but it is thought to be more an error than anything. Yet when it does Slowpoke and seemingly even Shellder Evolve. The following evolution sees Slowpoke grow larger in size as well. From this, let's look at the newest evolution in Mega Slowbro. Specifically focus on the bottom... see how it resembles Slowpoke's tail? How can that be, if Shellder/Cloyster is latched onto it?

Quick Question; who has heard of the Female Angler Fish? Those who have may know what is coming
Quick Question; who has heard of the Female angler fish? Those who have probably know what is coming.

And thus, a horrifying possibility comes to light: Slowpoke don't fish, they use their tails to attract Shellder *specifically* to latch on and stay on, which they and only they happily do. The Shellder grow off of silt from the water and crumbs from Slowbro, growing larger as Slowbro slowly farms and devours its catch over a long period of time; eventually absorbing it into its own body, leaving only the hardest part of Cloyster. Slowpoke is a malnurished Slowbro, who fishes for Shellder for greater nutrishional absorbtion than it gets by gathering/hunting other prey with its slow speed, and is naturally slow and dimwitted as an energy-saving mechanism.

So then... why does this massive change visibly occur instantaneously, without total completion or reversal over natural time? Two words: Time Powers. Pokemon have condensed time at their disposal even if they aren't aware of it that builds through experience and unleashes itself in instant large bursts, otherwise it remains contained and the Pokemon is in effective time stasis. With Slowpoke, the 'evolutionary' skip would occur between perhaps a few months or years time normally, but here the pokemon either evolves a non-existent Shellder into a state of being caught or as a response to being bitten, with the Shellder following/getting caught up in this shift and changing too. Though a small window of time-skipping in this case, it is not the only possible one.

There are 3 different possible time skips Pokemon experience when 'Evolving': Maturation from baby to adult, transformation/metamorposis(Like Slowpoke) and centuries long true evolution.

Mankey grows in size and loses its tail. Charmander grows wings and horns. Dratini gains limbs. Magikarp becomes a bad ass, and Eevee becomes a million different things through, get this, SPECIFIC environmental exposure. These aren't things creatures can change themselves into through basic maturation or simple metamorphosis(Not for creatures this size and complexity anyway) but over long periods of time- yet Pokemon can change in an instant. Furthermore, a Pokemons' supposed time powers do not end with its ability to reach into the future and change shape.

If a Pokemon is not allowed to evolve, it is capable of learning powerful moves much sooner. Even so far as a relatively tiny creature learning the usage of horrendous strength several times greater than such a form could even handle, let alone utilze. How can a lowly Charmander shoot massive blasts of Fire? Through a familiarity with its current physical from, time powers and all, and excess time energy contained and built up within its body. Though not evolved, Charmander isn't using "Fire Blast", but using CHARIZARDS fire blast by accessing the latent abillity to evolve hidden away; in effect, calling on its potential future decendents power and using it in real time. When a pokemon remains unevolved it continues to gain more and more familiarity with its form and powers, allowing it to grow faster.

'Come at me Bro!'Come at me Bro!!

Suddenly, all manner of abilities make sense. A Pokemon using Earthquake or Rain-dance is summoning an actual weather phenomenon from another time. Water Pokemon are in a stasis of being in water even on the surface. Eggs are composed of condensed genetic information shared through evolutionary singularity(at the beginning of all life before evolution created diversity), with the female providing the form and the child inheriting it's fathers potential evolutionary data in the form of Its move set. EVERYTHING about Ditto and Mew. PP is how often a pokemon can access its powers before becoming too tired, and Pokemon are even able to save themselves from death by absorbing mortal injuries, Using up the time power to shield themselves/alter reality and becoming exhausted from doing so; thus fainting.

This is all very intriguing stuff... but where is the proof? Can it even be proven?
Yes. It is actually written in the Worlds History, the timeline. Or rather, the lack of a consistent one.

Let's go through the series from the beginning. Pokemon RB-GS take place in a very Japan like world named after Japans' real regions, but that also isn't Japan. Throughout the early series, references to our world as we know it are made, and Pokemon are a mysterious life form humans don't understand despite 'always' existing. In RB, a scientist theorised pokemon originated from a meteor impact, with evidence collected around MT Moon; including language and references almost implying a world BEFORE pokemon were known to exist on earth with humans.

But as the games go on, things get... weird.

Kanto is a real region, but Johto Hoenn and Sinnoh are not- at least not in Modern Japan AFAIK

Real-Earth historical and popculture references fade away. Ancient history with Pokemon becomes more prominent. Legends of worshipped Pokemon, ancient societies that are purely fantasy and great wars involving Pokemon and humans pop up. In the world even regions based off Earths own lose their RL names and become more and more misshaped from their inspired counter parts. Gods that created the world just now happen to be, you guessed it; Pokemon. For that matter, New Pokemon of all types are constantly appearing and being *added* to the world cannonically. In fact, Time travel/manipulation and Dimensional skips are regularly occuring themes throughout the games, show and movies.

This is the most disturbing factor of Pokemon: The time manipulation is contorting all history constantly around humanity, and they don't even realize it. What was can instantly become something completely different, or even fade away entirely.

No but seriously, what?Seriously though, What?

Now, more things become logically possible. Ancient pokemon live forever, their immense powers allowing them to maintain their existence through all time, and even in between time for some; allowing for multiples of the same Legendary Pokemon being owned by different trainers. Some of these pokemon alter reality, worsening the history changes or even being the cause of the change to begin with. Fossils of ancient Pokemon that existed even before the arrival of Pokemon to earth appear due to these constant changes and anomolies, and contain fragments of time power that can be unlocked-reviving the Pokemon within.

Just look at Mega evolutions only being a recent 'discovery' within the series; utilized with stones non existent before XY that contain incredible time and genetic power allowing Pokemon to evolve further than they could on their own for a temporary period of time. Yet even though Mega evolutions are supposedly well known to the world and quite old when they are introduced, somehow they require having a nutball researching them in order to learn their mysteries all while also contradicting scientific fact in earlier games claiming evolution above 2nd stage impossible. This is a huge jumble even greater than the mysteries of Eggs and scientist in the world devoted to that all of a sudden cannonical 'recent' discovery. How can such common knowledge be so poorly understood in the modern setting of the Pokemon world?

Perhaps this is because the scientists know what is up, and that is also why they insist on asking you their own grandchilds name and your gender despite knowing who you are; you can never be too certain with time skipping all over the damn place.


6:59 PM on 06.12.2013

E3 Camp Letter: Mini Recap

To the tune of "Hello Mother, Hello Father", a little recap of the conferences and First days(Because I was bored and my mind tends to wander):

Hello mother. Hello father.
Here I am on - the e3 show floor
It is really- quite amazing
But for the ESA Ouya seems exasperating

First on the schedule-  MicroSoft's show
Lets all see how - this will all go
All of these games- are quite a thriller
To bad that "screw you" drm is such a killer

Onto the next show-  EA's presser
Showing off the- games we played last year
And the previous-  year before then
Damn I can't believe there's been 25 years of Madden

Ubisoft's conference-  I did not see
But the live blog-  sure sounded boring.
Last years e3- plus rabbids tv
And if you're fine with always online enter Tom Clancy

Sony came in-  an hour forty
Filled with mostly-  PR baloney
BAM no drm-  DAT 399
Don's  seeing stars while Kaz Hirai's seeing dollar signs

Last but not least- there was Nintendo
The games were solid- the show was less so.
Any suprises? - Well That's for sure:
Who would've guessed Megaman even existed anymore?

Sure there may have-  been some others
But let's be honest-  who even bothers?
They were mostly-  less than stellar
At least Square Enix pulled VS13 out of their cellar   read

12:42 PM on 06.07.2013

Used Game Inception: GS and MS Screw the Little Guys

Look, we all know by now the details of MS online and Used game policies. This isn't about those things directly, but about something seemingly out of place about all of this; GameStop. Or rather, the fact that they seem ok with all of this.

Well, it doesn't take a genius to figure out why... even if we have to go deeper. So brace yourself for....

Used game inception:
Gamestop is okay with this because it will edge out the used games industry.
...Wait, wuh? 
To be more specific, the Used industry that Isn't Gamestop themselves.
We all know that simple renting and trading will be severely limited, and used sales will have to be done at *Specified Retailers*. Of course that would include GS. So, what is the real harm to them in this situation? It is actually a boon; If you want used games, you will Have to go to Gamestop. No Amazon resellers. No Ebay. No friend swapping or D-toid sellers; These specified retailers only, with Gamestop being the biggest in this section of the industry.

In effect, Gamestop wants to do to private sellers what Pubs want to do with *All* used games; edge and phase them out. Irony has never played out so deeply.
Wheels spinning within wheels indeed.   read

12:16 PM on 05.24.2013

XBONE-D: Used Games? Lets Follow the Cash Flow!

So used games. XBOne. The situation isn't looking too pretty, with publishers and MS each getting a cut of the sales of resold products. For many, the blatant reach into the used market is the last straw, keeping them from purchasing the Xbox One. For others it is merely aa brick in the wall of a myraid of problems. In any case, it is bad... but HOW bad?

Our own Chris Carter broke the report for us on d-toid: in the write up, he explained how the Pie Cut would drive up used costs and damage the feasibility of the used market as a whole. That seems pretty bad... but that is only the begining.

So, Who wants to play "Pass the Buck"?
Let's set up 2 different scenarios: A free used market and a publisher -cut in used market. We will attempt to follow cash flow through each and see where we end up. Now obviously the games industry doesn't exsist in a bubble: people won't always spend money they have on Games. But we are exploring the potential of how that money could affect the game industry ONLY, so let's disregard other markets for a little bit. Everyone cool? Ok, Here we go!!

In a free Used market, Billy has a game he no longer wants. So he procedes to sell it. He gets an amount obviosly less than he paid and the store gets a potential investment(Or loss: thus why some store have hideous used prices). In this scenario, we will say the store does sell that game. Now, Let's Follow the Money!!

Bill now has more money. He can spend it on anything he wants, and he buys another game. That is more sales for the industry.
The store has made a tidy profit. They can now spend it on resupply, including more used and new games, which will mean more sales and more profit, which means more sales... ok, you get it. But that resupply comes from... where? Game companies, who now have more money. That is sales for the industry.
And Geoff walks in. He is the purchasor of Bills game. He has a new game in his stable, and the store has his money. Further, he has managed to save money on the sale, and could be a potential customer who would spend more on games. That is sales for the industry.

Scenario 1 just went off without a hitch. Now, before we begin, can anyone guess how Scenario 2 will play out? I think we can all guess...

The market is now cut-in by MS and pubs. Bill wants to sell his game, so he heads to the store. He gets an amount less than he paid for(How the store may charge differently from a free used market is currently unknown, so for fairness let's assume it is the same) and the store sells his game. Now let's follow the money!

The store sells the game to Geoff. He now has a game(the price of which in fairness we will assume the same) same as before. Bill has more money same as before. But what of the store... and Pubs?
The store has less money to resupply. That means less money for the industry. Fewer used or new games. "But Wait!! The amount is the same!" Yes... but remember, the name of the game isn't "Change the amount". It is "Pass the Buck". And where does that buck end up?

The Pub/MS have more money. In fact, they get money everytime someone resells their game. Money that would have been spread to everyone is now Pooled collectively to a select few. They are now bloated, while the rest of the industry suffers. Alone, this may not be a bad thing: A company growing larger must be a strong company doing a great deal for the industry. But not in this case. The only "Product" They are giving us for this EXTRA revenue is a mandatory restriction. They are, in effect providing a product FOR THEMSELVES. Now if this sounds familliar to you, it should; have you ever been accousted by a highway man in Oblivion? That is what a Cut-in used market effectivly is. A set up designed to squeeze money from the industry for themselves, no matter if it is deserved or not.

Further, this is the BEST case scenario: Remeber, out of "Fairness" Those who resold and bought used were not directly affected at all in these examples. And this also completely disregarded the possibility of Bill wanting to give/sell his game to Geoff directly... which we all know is not truly possible under MS set-up.

So in the end, MS and the Pubs have more money. Money that naturally flowed freely and healthily throughout the industry stagnates. Companies and retailers suffocate. And the industry itself is stunted and stifled.

No Good can come of this. Even MS and the select few pubs will crumble under their own weight. Better to let *Them* crumble now than bring everyone else down with them.   read

10:44 AM on 05.20.2013

I'm Annoyed(What else is new?); Double standards are Shit

So; WiiU. PSVita. Many would say they are birds of a feather. Two peas in a pod. They are both struggling in the market and are garnering much attention and claims of an early grave.

Except, they aren't at all the same. One has had a year to a year and a half to build its presence, something it has utterly failed to do while the other has just started. For the WiiU to recieve the same level of ire and criticism seems slightly skewed, but don't worry about that too much; because it is actually recieving WORSE treatment.

Just this morning, two previews for the Vitas heavy hitters popped up(By Hamza; I'll post them at bottom of the page) These two games seem standard at worst, so they are certainly worth paying attention to and deserve the spotlight they have been given. But my personal peeve lies with the wording... it seems so Rosey. So positive and lovey, it would seem like the Vita isn't in trouble at all. Which isn't a bad thing on its own... but then, nothing exsists in a vacuum.

Perhaps some of this is me being hyper sensitive. I have always noticed a sort of... double standard not just here, but through the whole industry. Both the 3ds and wiiu were trashed out the gate pretty much everywhere(Including here on d-toid), but the Vita was given more praise than criticism, more optimisim than doubt, and some very rosey wording where otherwise there would have been pity or scorn. But that's not all that compells me here: a few days ago, I read this:

Something I already knew... or felt I knew, but with added depth. More meaning... and a greater emphasis on the possibility that this biaism might actually be capable of having some effect. Something Nintendo has been dealing with for years now, long before 3ds or wiiu. But... why? What about everyone else?

Well, let me tell you something; The Vita has been tanking. Slower sales than WiiU. Few quality games all its own. A ridiculous price package(once Memcards are taken into account). Recently, a major price cut in Japan sparked the system into new life... but has since settled down. During all this has been a mix of Praise, criticism, doubt, death calls, hope, indifference. But for the media itself? Mostly just hope, if D-toid can be used as a sign to the matter; and seeing as how they are often quite harsh compared to their peers, I believe we can.

So, I've shown you the past and present... but why does that matter? Clinging to old feelings of "injustice" just makes one seem bitter, and certainly isn't wholly worth discussing or writing a blog about. Well, that's just it; My frustration is that this has everything to do with the Future. Not only how it May be affected, but [u]How it looks already[/u] and the respective amount of negativity. Now, like I said earlier nothing exsists in a complete vacuum. Not even time; so there will be some retrospective and past-to-future analytics here, but that is the nature of the beast.

WiiU. Floundering. No games. But its future is highlighted by 3 prospects; Unknown support, known mysteries and unreleased long awaited titles. We know the system has had troubles, but there is something obviously appearant that we seem to blind ourselves to; its best moments haven't even begun. We are cursing and laughing at a "Failure" that hasn't Even played the hand [u]we already know it has.[/u] Not to mention there could be aces up this proverbial sleeve; something this player is known for.

So, what does that have to do with Vita or double standards? The aforementioned previews help shed some light onto this: Negativity Vs positivity in similar situations... situations that couldn't be farther from each other when actually analyzed.

The Vita has had a year more to build support... that isn't there. Those two games are pretty much it, and then what? Well, not much. Japan has already seen its biggest releases this year, and now Vita has to try to keep sales going against a 3ds that hasn't seen ANY of its big releases for 2013. Japanese devs have shown very little support going forward in part due to favoing 3ds. And the west.. has never liked handhelds. Looking at the upcoming support, this should be pretty obvious. Post september, Vita has run out of games... but what about surprises? Well, 3 factors hamper this; first, Sony aren't good at keeping secrets. Most often, what we can see is what is coming, including mumors and rumors, of which there have been none. Second, Sony is most likely focuing on PS4, especially since they are a much smaller company than just 7 years ago when they could barely support ps3 and psp. And third, 3rd parties aren't too heavy on the system, as detailed above.

That is the situation; 2 systems. Both floundering. One with a potentially bright future, one with a potentially empty one.  One company constantly under fire, the other constantly given free passes. One with an unescapable negative perception, the other with an overly sunny one. 

There is clearly something wrong here, and I don't like it. A problem there may be no answer to, and That really annoys me. So I guess the only way I can cap off this blog is with an irritated statement; Double standards, lopsided treatment and baseless perceptions? Yes, they are shit.
(Speaking os shit, No pics... Maybe I'll add some if I can use an actual computer later. Blogs are finnicky on android...>.>;)   read

6:44 PM on 02.16.2013

What the...??

Oh god the spam...

MAKE IT STOP!!!! /@[]@\   read

4:28 PM on 02.10.2013

The WiiU's Greatest Crime; Also W-P Be Tripping

In the last few weeks, WiiU has had key dev support stripped away. Lost exclusives. Yearly Titles not being developed. Publishers taking pot shots at the fledgling system, and supposedly canceling games outright. One would think Nintendo has done something wrong to be in this position.

And they have. They have committed apparently the greatest crime in the eyes of Western publishers: Not doing Good enough.

Reports have come in that the system has under-performed. Even Nintendo has cut forecasts, which is admittedly a bad sign. But lets take a step back and think:
The system is outperforming all but its most powerful of its predecessors(the Wii). It is outperforming its most recent "sibling" in the Vita. While sales have under performed what some could argue were overly ambitious goals anyway, on its own it is performing decently.

Right in line with previous console launches in fact. As many of us would have expected, if not perhaps a little worse. And yet, the result is so disproportionately different than those other systems... But why?

Because they haven't done "Good Enough".

In case you didn't already hear, take a look at this:
Devs are supposedly cancelling games in development, as I have previously stated. But that isn't what I want to bring your attention to. It is this line:

" I had a data point yesterday at lunch with a high budget Wii U game that was hoping to sell “millions” over time. It only managed “tens of thousands”."

Does anyone see what is wrong with this? If you can't, I'll make it perfectly clear:
You would have to be a total DUMBASS to expect a new console to push out a seller "in the MILLIONS" only weeks after launch. This is a ridiculous level of expectation, bordering on delusional. Yet, publishers are lamenting about "under performing targets" and "less than expected install base". What on earth were they expecting? Wii levels?

The Wii was an anomaly. Certainly, no one in their right minds would put such a burden of expectation on the company that recently failed to copy the Wii already with the 3ds? But to some extent, these Western companies DID. Once again, look at that statement. "Millions"? Lets look at the anomaly that the wii was again. One would have been hard pressed to come out with a million seller even in that instance, yet at least one Western pub expected a NORMAL console launch to outperform a market phenomenon?

Surely Ubi must have understood the risk of "exclusivity" when they made their commitment, right?

By now, you have no doubt noticed my choice in descriptors. "Western Companies". "Western Devs". "Western Publishers": Why the distinction? The difference lies in the focal point of this situation. Expectation.

Of all the devs and publishers, The Western based ones have been complaining far more, if not exclusively. But what of Namco Bandai? Capcom? Tecmo Koei? Look at the link again: the poster singles out Japanese participators from the list of devs walking out... why the signifigance?

The WiiU didn't exactly set Japan on fire either. In fact, sales have continued to fall week over week as titles remain sparse. The newest Mario is pretty much the only title in the top 20 at this point. And yet, look at the difference in reaction. Of key note, Capcom:

Monster Hunter is THE Japanese franchise in many eyes. It is a massive seller and console pusher. So, how did the WiiU version perform, based solely on numbers?
It is currently being outsold by its handheld counterpart a year older than itself. It did not remain in the top 20 more than a few weeks, if that. And yet, it is still a "Smash Hit".


The WiiU has "under performed". But it hasn't at the same time? The only noticeable variable is the Western publishing sphere and their "expectations". A group now touting the glory of their next money grab target; the new consoles due out this year. I wonder what their "expectations" are for these entries in the market? And should they fail to meet those targets, what next? Is this a one sided, anti Nintendo street... with 3rd parties creating issues in their mind and willing them into reality against only them? We have already seen this behavior with towards the Gamepad, after all.

Or maybe these companies are preying on early adopters to make a quick buck off low cost ports. Hyping these New devices to drum up easy sales, just waiting to complain when unrealistic expectations fail the platform holders so they can run back to the large install base of the last gen... and by this point, perhaps the WiiU? It isn't like new consoles haven't gone through this little play already... since that is exactly what they are doing to WiiU now.

Regardless of the reasoning, Something isn't right with this situation. One would be daft to expect the "next gen" dev costs to not rise, the returns to most certainly be met in spades, and the consoles to be instant "Million sellers". WiiU had a 25 year history and the phenomenal Wii name behind it, relatively cheap dev costs, the hype of being the first new console in years, but even so most knew it wouldn't exactly come into the industry in such an all consuming blaze of glory. And yet some idiot group expected, or perhaps NEEDED a *Launch* game to be a Million seller in order to make its desired return. To make things all the more puzzling, they are ditching a system committing no outrageous crime against the industry or market, other than failing to meet "expectations". A system which could only continue to grow so long as it is given the attention it deserves as a new console... while simultaneously preparing to do an unpredictable launch all over again?

I am a conspiracy nut, and could go for paragraphs on all the potential BS companies could be pulling behind the scenes. But even without such ludicrous imaginings, this recent trend is still horrifying to anyone with vested interest in the industry. That so many companies could be so blind, stupid, or short sighted as to damage the industry and themselves with their horrible practices and decisions and not even notice cannot spell out good fortune to come for our favorite hobby.

Well, regardless of reason, I guess I know one thing to certainly expect: Those consoles better do "Good Enough", or it will be the WiiU all over again.   read

3:26 PM on 01.25.2013

Mother Nature Used "Snow-Storm" on DISQUS!

"It's Super Effective!"

So, there I was commenting on Siliconera and D-toid. All day, as Disqus had finally come back after a brief absence which occurred after a snowstorm blew in(I live on the east coast) and I was really excited about the Nintendo Direct that had occurred that morning.

After a little break away from discussion, I hop back on to make a few quick replies...
And it was gone again. It would hang on the "Disqus is taking longer than usual. Reload?" Message.
I waited for it to return(it does this sometimes for a few seconds, and then works). Got another reply that I couldn't answer, and realised it probably won't be coming back.

And then, while playing Nobunaga's ambition on my Wii an hour or so later, I am told something wonderful:
"It's snowing. It's really pretty."

Is it the snow? Does snow shut you down?? Is that why I can't comment??
It really makes no sense. After all, Disqus still works on IGN, Gaming everything and it works on Wired; seemingly everywhere except Siliconera, tomopop and destructoid. Hell, I can access it on windows to comment on the sites in question, But not android or wiiu?
Not that I am alone either: a blog on tomo was written by someone else during the first Disqus black out, though I can't prove if they too were in proximity to snowfall... Surely, someone knows why this keeps happening?

But for now, there is but one possibility. A loose, illogical connection? Perhaps... but to me it is almost too clear:
Snow-storm is Super Effective against Disqus.


As a side note, I'm not sure how to add pics... it doesn't seem to work on my tablet the same way it did last year. But I will try do so when/if I learn how...   read

3:47 PM on 01.24.2013

The Forums of the Mad

My thoughts on the often predictable behavior and reactions of illogical Commentors, Forum goers and even Journalists and Writers when things are different then they imagine them to be, and what It really means to have an opinion

"*gasp* Is that n4g?" I say to my little bro in a joking tone, while he surfed the web on his SmartPhone as I hovered over his shoulder. I had abandoned the site during the Pokemon x/y backlash, and hadn't seen it since.
"Yeah" he replied. "It's awful"

"Huh? What is?" I asked, though I already knew.
"The response to the Nintendo Direct. People are angry about it. They're are in denial."
As I had guessed. It wasn't but 35 or so minutes before I was ranting about a ridiculous article on Wired accusing Nintendo of displaying "vaporware". He was probably curious what the rabid fanbase of the aggregate site thought of the presentation as well.
"They're mad that Nintendo had a good showing, saying that it was all nothing but rehashes and remakes. One guy even said that all they announced at all were rehashes and HD conversions"

But of course they were. This ridiculous, un-intelligent lip flipping and BS is why I left.
But why is it important enough to bring up here?

In my mind, We all love video games here, and I imagine that people on other such sites do as well. Many of us are completely encapsulated by our virtual worlds. So of course, it isn't surprising that we would take it seriously from time to time. For me, I love to follow the industry, trends, sales and peoples opinions and reactions. And it infuriates me that, even within the spectrum of open mindedness and vastly differing opinions, voices and stances... That someone can be completely and utterly wrong, and delude themselves and others into contorting reality.

An opinion... wrong? Yes, a persons self gathered stance can be incorrect when made up of half truths, lies and groundless assumption. And if you take the time to look at what you are so passionate about enough to comment on in the first place and use logic to understand it, to see how it truly is through your own eyes, then you are "right" in your mind even if there are other "rights" that clash against yours. That's what an opinion is, after all... a gathering of information brewed by your personality.

This subset, however, so vocal and aggressive in placing their stance for others to see doesn't always appear to do this. The information is already stored up in their heads in bits and pieces of fallacy and fact. The answers are made from a set material, either too stained with "lies" or weak assumption to be anywhere near reality. Illogical, inconsistent and boisterous, they crow from their rooftops things they appear to me to know little to nothing about.

And people are listening. How can they not? They are loud, over-reactive and, in the case of some places like n4g, in control. There are even those sitting in higher positions like the aforementioned article on Wired, though admittedly the writer wasn't nearly as bad in his analysis as I imagine the n4g flock were. Places of even greater influence to a wider audience of people, many of whom may be easily affected.

What's worse, many fail to ever see reason. To accept fact and logic for what it is, and to admit their previous stance was wrong. Instead, they close their ears and scream the same things they have already said louder and louder.

It upsets me. It grinds my gears.
It scares the HELL out of me.

That misinformation, irrational hate and bias can be broadcast to have the self fulfilling desired effect of its Criers. To tarnish their targets or brighten their deity, it doesn't matter greatly which. Just the fact that it can, no matter how small it may appear. Yet, all the same convincing some such person of the truths and realities nearly impossible. And while I'm sure I am giving to much credit to such "xenophobic" minorities, I have always had this worry that such acts will damage not only a company I love, but an industry I adore.

But, in the end I guess it matters little. Even if these uninformed ramblings do have any grand effect, it would be impossible to stop it by acting against the offenders. So I'll just ignore it where it festers, and stick to having actual discussions within communities where logic makes sense. Where it means more to have a disagreement with someone, because it matters less that I think differently than someone with another legitimate opinion of their own. And who knows. Maybe, even if inadvertently so, that will help make up for the rantings of fools.

"Well, that's not surprising" I replied to my brother. "That's why I left in the first place."
"Though I do wonder if my absence has made it worse(to jokingly stroke my own inflated ego). If I made a difference there."
"It wouldn't matter" he replied. "They wouldn't have listened anyway."
"Yeah. I know."   read

1:34 PM on 06.05.2012

E3 Press Conferences in 5 words or less

Microsoft: Throwing Gears in (Xbox)Glass houses.

EA: " 'New Games'? What is that"

Ubisoft: Puppetmaster of Everyone. Also, Watchdogs.

Sony: "...No news is good news?"

Nintendo: Reggie's Purple-Pikmin Body was Ready.   read

10:38 AM on 05.11.2012

The Vita's Position, Or An Uphill Battle File 2

File/ Vita Vs 3ds/ The West/ 2 of 2
The 11th of May 2012 Approx. 1700 hours US EST

Previously, I posted an assessment of the Vita's standing in Japan against it's competitor, Which can be found here. Now I shall do the same for the second front: The West

The USoA. One of many points of interest on this front, and perhaps the most vital

Here, too the Vita is up against a stronger opponent. But without the hindrance of fighting a revolution to contend with, the Vita has far more breathing room and a stronger presence. Also working in the Vita's favor, albeit only slightly, is the comparative lack of support for the 3ds on this front, as well as the Vita's more comparatively Western oriented support. However, this front is brutal and unfriendly towards handhelds, something neither the 3ds nor the Vita can fully avoid. Furthermore, many disadvantages from the Home Front carry over: Less overall support, whether it be from original titles or backing from its predecessor is still a thorn in the Vita's side. The cost differences are also evident, and further exasperated by the hostile environment.

But additional support is on the way for both parties. A build up of forces around Los Angeles is culminating into a mighty clash which may well be one of the most important battles of this war:

E3 is upon us.

Sony has already made proclamations of an incredible force, and undoubtedly much of this will be resourced to the handheld fronts; Especially the West. Big name guns such as CoD, Little Big Planet, Killzone, Bioshock and potentially more are expected to bolster the currently frail Vita force. In this, however, Sony is not alone.

While many are expecting Nintendo to be to preoccupied preparing the Crown Prince WiiU for the home console war, those who are may be grossly underestimating Nintendo's resources and diplomatic capabilities. Nintendo has also made bold boasts of Strong support for its Western front, including local forces, and also has many forces to spare along the Japanese front that will no doubt greatly aid their cause here, such as Animal Crossing, Monster Hunter and Fire Emblem, to name a few.
But what could be the most damaging to the Vita's already disadvantages position is a wild card that should come as no surprise yet few seem to be expecting:
CoD is by no means an exclusive Game, and could well be found within the 3ds's ranks as well.

A Mercenary who could benefit from drawn out conflict

The idea that they would side with only one group is one of ignorance of the forces and situation involved. After all, CoD is no loyal General; but a grizzly, hardened group of Mercenaries. And if they are going to support both sides, it is hard for this scout to imagine this support being too uneven. This could result in a similar standing for both forces in regards to CoD. One need only look at the Home Console American front to see how this situation could potentially play out: Yearly, the cheaper system with the higher install base allows CoD to perform better, which in turn drives up that console's status. Should CoD be a supporter of both sides, it could bode ill for the Vita

My assessment: The Western front hinges on many unknowns, and the war may well heat into a long drawn out affair up or be prematurely decided at the upcoming major battle of e3.

So, what does this all mean? Will Nintendo and its 3ds army slaughter the Vita on all fronts?
No. Not in the slightest. Nintendo knows this. Sony knows this. And neither are working towards total destruction or capitulation of the other.
Are they competing? Absolutely. Will exclusives, sales and marketing position be battled over? Yes. But this is hardly a winner take all slug fest. And I believe no one knows this better than Sony, as they have taken steps to assure their standing within the market but otherwise done little else(Not necessarily to avoid conflict, but perhaps simply because they know they can get by with a slow and steady approach.). They aren't out to crush Nintendo. They are simply fighting over some common ground. Over a piece of a pie that is more than big enough.

Okay, this image is too dramatic. But it is as good as I could get, so bear with me.

Sure, both sides would take it all if they could. But the risks of attempting this are to high, and neither side could afford to lose. This is no war: it's a border skirmish. A fancy show of power between two Mega Houses. And while their may be a "winner", at the end of the day, I find it hard to believe there will be a "Loser".

For while Front line combat analogies may well suit the topic of discussion, that's were the similarities between this conflict and true battles end. After all, these two companies make Games: Not War.

Final Overall Assessment:
The Vita's slow start is just that; a slow start. Even if it never catches up to its rival, I find it hard to believe that it will outright fail. If the Vita follows in its predecessors footsteps, expect to be blown away within the next couple of years.   read

1:06 PM on 05.10.2012

The Vita's Position, Or An Uphill Battle File 1

File/ Vita Vs 3ds/ Japan/ 1 of 2
Thursday, The 10th of May 2012 Approx. 1700 hours US EST

Okay, Here's the Situation.
Sony and Nintendo are currently engaged in a war with two fronts: Japan And Everywhere else.
A battle Nintendo has been dominating since the Winter of fiscal 2011.
And as things stand now, that's not about to change.

Front 1: Japan

There are many factors to consider here, but lets start at home. In Japan, The vita has two opponents: The army of Nintendo 3ds, and It's own Forebear; the incumbent PSP. (Dismissing the ps3, as it is a constant for all involved parties that for this scout report can be overlooked.) Fighting a war on two fronts is challenging enough on its own without the added factor of a revolution at home. A Revolution against a seasoned Veteran with far more standing and support.

The PSP continues to gain extra support everyday, but much of this will refuse to follow the Vita once the Revolution finally ends. And even then, this support will come at a cost to consumers; consumers who would rather support the old King in the first place. Or, of course, Nintendo. A competitor whose transition of power was not only peaceful, but fully amicable; nearly all support from the previous regime has come over, and new support continues to follow along. (Two new Pokemon games, for instance.) Support that may be completely unnecessary anyway.

The PSP may be strengthening, but the Vita's inheritance will be lacking and veiled behind Proprietary Memory

For you see, Nintendo has and continues to gain extra power for the 3ds's army in Japan: and at an alarming rate. A rate that even the PSP will struggle to keep up with in the coming months. The main cause of which could be attributed to the Betrayal of the PSP's greatest general: Monster Hunter.(Of course, support may have been building behind the scenes before hand, but this was the obvious visible turning point.) Even without the addition of Backwards compatibility, the 3ds has more than enough power to keep both the Vita and PSP pinned down.

Furthermore, even if the Vita were to gain a large boost of additional support to match the 3ds's lineup, it may hardly matter: For Nintendo has already announced that it still holds reserves ready to meet such an assault. With Monster Hunter no longer being an exclusive supporter, even its appearance on the Vita or the PSP would do little to help their position against the 3ds.

Monster Hunter Tri G's Impact was obvious, as it was a combined effort with multiple big hitting exclusives. Something a Vita version, as things stand now, would lack.

My Assessment: The Vita, with its higher price and comparative lack of support is no match for its opponent, a problem compounded by troubles at home against its own predecessor.

My Western Front Report, And Final Assessment, will be detailed in the forthcoming page 2.   read

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