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NO LONGER WORKS AT DESTRUCTOID avatar 6:47 AM on 01.13.2008  (server time)
Dtoid Interview: Dale North... Kind of? (NVGR)

Look I drink...

and that makes my ideas a little fuzzy and stupid at times. It doesn't stop me from doing my best to bring Dtoiders what they want. More Dale Northatude!

Dale was out at CES 2008 and I swear to you, I thought at one point he died on us. He is not only the Asian Brian McKnight, but and dedicated Dtoider, and an amaaaazing journalist, and fucking immortal. So for his very special last night in the town that he adores, me and Joe had to let you have a sneak peek at the man, the myth, the legend... Mr. Dale North.

Will he stab someone? Does he really have 12 fingers? Is his favorite color "Tips?" These and other questions will not be answered in the video above.

Special thanks goes out to Joe Burling for being in charge of "Lamp"
and also to Dale for being an awesome guy for not killing us and working his ass off, and for being one of the most talented people in this industry.

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