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Roll6 avatar 8:45 PM on 09.22.2013  (server time)
iOS 7.0 First Impressions

- - Oh Apple, how you've once again made us happy that we own your over priced leash to the universe. You gave us a new look, a new feel, all the while not alienating the "hip" parent trying to relate to theirs kids by buying into the Apple community.  Even if you don't like the new iOS 7.0, I bet you, at least, tried to seem happy as you showed it off to all your non-iPhone friends; all 2 of them. Not because you don't have very many friends, but because that's how many people in the world don't own an iPhone.

The most obvious thing you will encounter is the new home screen.  I'm sorry to start off with a negative but... this is one of the worst things Apple has ever done.  They took a modern, clean, professional, neutral yet relatable home screen and turned it into a neon-circus that makes my eyes bleed.  The only backgrounds that go with this new color scheme are characters from Happy Tree Friends.

That aside, this new iOS has some really awesome features. The most ambitious one is the introduction of the new iTunes Radio.  Basically it's Pandora, but built into the phone.  Pandora is more accurate in terms of playing songs similar to the original band; though to be fair Pandora has had time to perfect it's magic. iTunes itself is awesome! They combined the album view and song view together.  So brilliant and simple I can't believe it wasn't done years ago.

Siri, got a new face lift as well and voice lessons to match! However her listening skills, not too unlike my girl friend's, still has a ways to go.  "T.G.I. Friday's" is not "T.J buy Thai plays".

One of my FAVORITE new features is the lock screen apps.  Besides being able to set an alarm every 5 minutes on your friend's locked iPhone, you can do actual productive things like turn on the new built in flash light and adjust the brightness of the screen.

There are probably hundreds of things I've missed worth mentioning but there's just not enough time in a day. Overall, solid upgrade, I can't wait to see what's on the drawing board of iOS 8.


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