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12:33 AM on 12.26.2007

The Week of Jul!

After two days of feasting over Jul/Christmas/insert random Holiday...I am tired, happy and surprisingly presented with some extra time:

I have queries for the community here:
A) Is it a fault to wander around town in a Santa hat two days before Christmas?
B) is having an erie attraction for Christian Bale a bad thing or is just the truth that resides in apparently so many dtoider's hearts...
C) Are tiny hats really awesome?
D) Why are there not more waffles/Swedish Fish/Swedish discussions here?
E) is the Das Boot theme song by U96 not a fitting Christmas song?
And some random newb said I should mention also bowie(guessing David Bowie)...

Bale+Bowie+Small Hats= ?

Happy Holidays and remember to enjoy life!   read

9:44 PM on 07.26.2007

Scandinavia Pwns Silly Rest of World! ;)

Thanks to xfire I have found irrefutable proof that Scandinavia(A part of Northern Europe of which Sweden is categorized as a part of) pwns the daylights out of the rest of the Western world... Basically it summarizes what I and all other Swedes have been saying for years: "We pwn you."
Thank taumpytears for his traitrous mentallity and willingness to pass this link onto me...

Since this is my first blog and to be honest I have absolutely no idea of what I am doing, I will tell any potential readers what this blog will focus on...
I shall Endeavour to make this a hilarious/twisted/Swedish(ha, got that covered already) blog focusing on surprise, surprise whatever catches my that posting a random Swedish flag or ten or just spamming or unfairly flaming consoles(jk)... I also for the record state that "..." will be used extensively.

Finally, I reserve the right to cuss out anyone that disagrees with my blog or post in Swedish and then continually flaming you until you submit...A positive reception may also result in random pictures from Sweden/Swedish Hockey Teams/Swedish women.

Following tradition:
Also Cocks...


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