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Roek's blog

8:14 AM on 10.13.2010

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Origin Story of a Gamer and a Review

May 20, 1992 was the day I would own my first console and videogame ever at the tender young age of 5. I never asked for it, but my mom and dad were arcade/Atari nuts before the birth of my brother and I, so my dad felt it ...   read

1:05 PM on 03.13.2010

Final Fantasy XIII Impressions: Mixed bag @ 9 hours in

People are liable to go bat-shit insane when I say this, but 9 hours in, and Final Fantasy XIII is barely a good game. I'm nowhere near done with it -- I'm still interested in advancing further in the game. I'm not writing...   read

12:14 AM on 01.21.2010

The Future: A maybe-selfish desire for the postmodern in games.

I'm breaking a few rules. Right now, I'm starting this write-up instead of doing my university homework. But don't worry, that's 75% done and I need a break from the hours I just committed to it. Secondly, this is less abou...   read

4:12 AM on 01.15.2010

Frustration and guilt in gaming: A new low for me.

No, this isn't some personal sob-story about my real life bringing my gaming life to a complete halt. So don't worry. But I could use some support by at the very least getting this off my chest. Here is the source of my ills...   read

5:52 AM on 12.28.2009

A pre-2010 look back at my gaming through the years.

I have been playing games my entire life -- even before I can remember, according to my parents, who claim that I would play their Atari 2600 at age 3. 2009 has been one of the most memorable years of gaming I've ever had, b...   read

1:57 PM on 09.15.2009

Joining the D-Toid community.

Hello there! Been an avid (obsessed) D-Toid reader for about 6 months now. Originally was a Kotaku-obsessed reader but gradually grew a bit tiresome of Kotaku, and being aware of D-Toid as an alternative, started relying on ...   read

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