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Why the Mainstream Press need to STFUAJPG

I make very little secret about my distaste for the portrayal of video games and developers by the mainstream media. Games still have a stigma attached today that we still havenít been able to shake off, that we gamers are a ...


About Robot Geekone of us since 6:19 PM on 08.29.2010

Once an ordinary human, young Dan O'Connor was exposed to the power of video games in a freak accident where his uncle almost binned a NES and his alter Ego Robot Geek was born! Aiming to provide the latest news, reviews and features, he based himself at:


I'm a wannabe journalist, I like videogames, so at the moment I have my own site with some very talented writers, I hope to contribute to the Destructoid as best as possible but I've also got my own site to worry about! However I will post my latest musings and rants about video games whenever I can.


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