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RoboChode's blog

12:40 AM on 08.13.2010

RoboChode - v.002 What's a Chode, Anyway?

Robochode returns for a second amazing episode!

Take a listen as we discuss a whole bunch of science & technology stuff!

Remember you can find us at our new home:

Episode v. 002 - What's a Chode, Anyway?

0:00 - Introductions
1:00 - What is a chode?
3:00 - Sharpie's reinvention of the pencil
10:00 - Where's the future?
18:00 - Designer Babies
22:00 - i<3Robot
30:00 - RIP Google Wave
34:00 - What's the beef with cloned beef?
45:00 - Net Neutrality
57:00 - Questions from Ryan in California


You can also follow us on Twitter @robochode

Or you can stop by our forum thread

We record again next week for episode 3! So get your questions ready!

Enjoy you sexy sexy listeners.   read

1:14 AM on 08.05.2010

RoboChode - v.001 Teleporting Camels

Welcome to the first episode of RoboChode!

We know what you are saying, "What? Another podcast? WTF?!"

We are different though, as we will be focused primarily on technology and science. Ever wonder just how those magnets do work? Have you wanted to find out exactly what would cause a double rainbow? Do you think the Ipad is really just 4 iphones taped together? Then you are in the right spot. Yes, games are included in that, so don't you worry your pretty little head.

Your hosts are

Josh (aka IcarusKills, forum mod rock star)
Levi (aka Zombieplatypus and creator of that fantastic art you see up there)
Will (aka Technophile. He's some dude.)
Conor (aka JonBloodspray. The ladies love him)

Come with us as we explore the WORLD OF TOMORROW!

Fap it if you love it, give us some feedback in the comments!
You can also visit the forum thread for the show


Episode v .001 Teleporting Camels

0:00 - Introductions and Awkwardness
1:00 - Teleportation and Quantum Theory
6:00 - Futurama and Nerd Jokes
8:00 - Keys to the Internet and Burkina Faso
15:00 - Jailbreaking and Cracking Games
18:00 - Apple's Tyranny and Zune's Shitty Third Party Support
21:00 - Apple FaceTime and Porn Chatting
29:00 - Overpopulation and Placenta Sandwiches
36:00 - Zombie Apocalypses and Minor Outbreaks
38:00 - Lost and Time Travel Explanation
41:00 - The Matrix and Unfulfilled Potential
44:00 - Plants vs. Zombies and Michael Jackson's Estate
48:00 - Prince and the End of the Internet   read

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