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RoboChode avatar 5:22 PM on 10.18.2010  (server time)
RoboChode - v.006 Half-Circumcised

After a month long hiatus, your favorite science and technology podcast is back on a new schedule.  Today we bring you episode 6: Science vs. Religion.  In addition to the normal crew, we have special guest Allen Park (SenorDouchebrah or whatever the fuck he goes by now) joining us this week.



Episode v.006 - Half-Circumcised

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00:00 Introductions and squiggly lines
01:30 Belief backgrounds
14:30 Jesus riding dinosaurs, and decoder rings
18:00 Perception of the vocal minority
19:20 Muslims must be cat people
21:57 Apparently just about anyone can carry a handgun in Kentucky
25:00 Using racism to defend gay marriage
27:00 Group thoughts on the co-existence between science and relgion
30:40 Why can't we leave poor Mr. Hawking alone?
33:20 Jedi lovers
37:43 Scientology and papercraft; OR Who the fuck needs an ed
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