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Welcome to RoboChode!

A Destructoid Community podcast about technology and science. Also, robococks.

Your glorious carbon based hosts are:

Josh (IcarusKills)
Conor (JonBloodspray)
Levi (ZombiePlatypus)
Will (Technophile)

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We're (almost) back on schedule! Here's our fifth episode, having crawled out of the backseat of your car and quietly into your house behind you, waiting in your bedroom closet while you put groceries away.

Enjoy it.

We will.

Epidsode v.005 - The Heroin Machine.

Direct link:

0:00 Introductions and breakfast foods
1:00 Tracy's Dick
3:00 Tony Stark's bag of tricks
11:00 Virtual reality
19:00 Batman's gadgets
30:00 Mechs
34:00 Lightsabers
41:00 Bullshit Dr. Who that nobody cares about
44:00 Listener questions

Here's a bit of bonus content.

Follow us on twitter: @robochode

Forum Threads: We have one.

Episode 6 will be right on time next week!

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