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Roberto Plankton avatar 3:26 PM on 10.07.2012  (server time)
The 14 Hours Of Borderlands 2

Let me tell you about an eventful evening.
An evening of unboxing and playing Borderlands 2.
An evening of playing Borderlands 2 for 14 hours straight.

I arrive at my friend`s apartement. He likes to call himself Stevie Metallheadz
We drink coffee before we actually start to play - plain and harmless fun, mind you.

We unbox Borderlands 2
(We have seen this on Youtube. It is not as awsome an experience as we have imagined)

We have decided on our characters. Stevie goes Gunzerk, whereas I want to discover my inner goddess (Siren).

Itís a good game; well written, fine gameplay and all that
Nevertheless we have already stopped to pay any attention whatsoever to NPC-dialogue.
Itís all about stats and waypoints now. Wow, that happened really fast.
We agree on not liking flying enemies and big-ass-robots with reflective shields.

We take a short break in order to buy some beer and red wine.
We are noticing slight nausea on the way, while moving through real-life-space.
Ah, yes: we try to compensate for the sudden loss of this certain floaty momentum we are used to by now.

Loot! Loot! Loot!
Time to order Food..

Chicken Vindaloo successfully delivered. Short break

We proceed with Borderlands 2

I notice a certain numbness in my feet. The ashtray is disgustingly full.
Stevie turns on the heat. Thank you, Stevie!

The time between 23:15 and 05:00 passes without further incidents. We reach level 19.

After several unsuccessful attempts to beat Slagged BloodWing, I finally give up.
The prospect of further grinding doesnít scare me but my body is tired.
I am afraid I might die. At least it feels a little like dying
Stevie seems eager to go on, though. He is my hero now.
We quit playing Borderlands 2
We take pictures of the tired eyes:

I am going home.
On my way to the tramway-station I fight the sudden urge to aim at passers-by. Boom Boom.
Morning has broken.

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