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Robert Janelle
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Rock Band finally did it...

I don't know why this didn't occur to me when I was suddenly hearing that damn Dragonforce song everywhere...but it took the headline: "Geeks Save Rock" in reference to the new Motley Crue single being released on Rock Band...


Trogdor to Burninate the Wii

For some reason, I decided to head over the Homestar Runner this morning to see if there were any new games up. Well, the only thing new is some sort of comic book generator, but I couldn't help but notice another link - "W...


How technology inspires immaturity

I started pondering this yesterday while reading the newspaper, the way technology seems to bring out the inner (and extremely immature) child. The article was about automating customer service and it got into trial project...


Antlions: I hate those guys

Seriously, why do they have to be such dicks and keep brother down all the time? I think the only thing I hate more than antlions are jumping puzzles in first-person shooters...not wait, jumping puzzles combined with antlions...yeah!


Better than sex?

Spotted this on my Sunday check of PostSecret , a crazy site where people send in anonymous confessions via post card. It left me wondering how many other people are willing to admit it...


Toddler threatened by Elmo doll

Apparently some poor kid in Tampa Bay has had someone set his Elmo Knows Your Name doll to the evil setting. After changing the battery, two-year-old James' Elmo began blurting out "Kill James!" when squeezed. One of th...


About Robert Janelleone of us since 1:43 AM on 01.18.2008

A sometimes technology writer, sometimes call centre bitch and all around Canadian geek.

Began gaming around the age of five on a Tandy 2000 switching between Space Quest and Bubble Bobble.

All time favourites (in no particular order):

Deus Ex
Final Fantasy VII
Maniac Mansion
Metal Gear Solid

Currently playing:

Orange Box


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