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6:34 PM on 03.06.2012

Up Your Procrastination Level: Loot Master

It seems that I've been playing too much Dungeon Raid, 'coz I found myself suddenly craving for another addicting pick-up-and-play title for the iOS that has the same rpg elements and depth as Dungeon Raid. Then, just a couple of days ago, I found something on sale that seemed interesting: Loot Master.

Loot Master was developed by Digital Concepts in 2008. It is a game wherein you tap on monsters to attack them as they move from left to right, keeping them from reaching the end of the screen (or they deplete your health). Sounds simple, but it actually has a bit of depth and strategy involved to survive wave after wave of monsters. As the title suggest, you use items that you obtain from defeating monsters and equip them from your inventory, which handy enough, stays open and takes up 50% of the screen!

The handiness comes with a price... The game just seems to be too small on the iPhone! I tend to have trouble allocating the items to their corresponding spot in my equipment window, and I find that sometimes my aim under my finger gets frustrating when having to rapidly hit enemies. I think that if this game was released as a casual game for the iPad, it would fare a lot better.

(Be prepared to keep returning to this screen right here)

So far I've been having fun just squishing the monsters beneath my fingers and watching as my stats go up with each level and each new equipment buff. I don't remember what wave I was in when I first died, but I did reach lvl. 30 when the monsters got me...

TRY AND TRY AGAIN! :p   read

9:59 PM on 03.05.2012

Browser Games: Further Your Procrastination Level with Kingdom Rush

So you're either one hour away from a deadline for work or school and you're dying to get things over with. What do you do? Open your browser, of course.

The moment I discovered that Kingdom Rush was available on my browser was like the gods of self-destruction had bestowed upon me the tool needed to just that. Gone was the day I'd think of getting an iPad for the specific reason of getting my hands on those non-universal apps they rave about online. And boy, did my productivity suffer.

For those new to the concept, Kingdom Rush is a Tower Defence (TD) game. Not just any TD game, but a sweet refinement of TD gameplay, smooth cartoon graphics, and out-of-gameplay RPG-esque skill-tree building to match that stage that takes you forever to do, only to succumb to that one rogue wolf that got away at the very last wave of enemies.

We know that feeling all too well - that feeling of wanting to crap your pants out of frustration. And we gamers know that feeling all too well, be it at another TD game like Bloons TD or Gemcraft, or a platformer like Super Meat Boy as you miss a platform or jump directly AT a saw "by accident". Well, Kingdom Rush is that chance to feel all that again; feelings that any good casual game should instil in you.

To brief you of the chaos happening above: there are 4 main units that you can upgrade (soldier, mage, archer, artillery), with 2 different special branches for their 4th and final upgrade. Each of the specialized units in the game have upgrades on their own that grant them different skills and upgrades to destroy them evil monsters trying to take you productivity away. To aid you on your defence, a meteor shower or 2 additional units (farmers) can be called along the path. And as mentioned above, you can upgrade your units on the main map with stars that you earn for beating a stage depending on how well you do.
There are 30+ types of enemies to beat, 50+ achievements, and a whole lot of hours that await you, so make sure you've got nothing on your plate while getting on this game.

Truth be told, as I finish up this last sentence, I have Kingdom Rush open on another window. I'm addicted, and what better time to go at it than right after I've come home from work and have nothing to do until a day from now. Oh dammit, see?!??! Stupid wolf.


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