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Robbie's blog

10:30 PM on 06.23.2008

In Memoriam

since you assholes don't like my blog posts looks like I'll just post my videos from now on. Good night, sweet prince.   read

12:39 PM on 06.10.2008


Unfortunately, today is the shipping date of DBZ: Burst Limit. So, that will have to wait until tomorrow. Which works out perfectly, because I'll be picking up MGS4 at my store's midnight launch at the same time. Nice.   read

12:13 PM on 06.05.2008


It may not be the case for all, but my gaming life has been pretty stagnant lately. Let's see, the last game I bought was Age of Conan. I've been wanting SOMETHING to dethrone World of Warcraft forever. Sadly, nothing has r...   read

8:58 PM on 06.04.2008

Shelling out some dough

Been really keeping my eye on this neat little gadget. Don't know if you guys have heard of it, but it's called the iPhone. It's pretty low key, so don't feel bad if you don't know what I'm talking about. Only thing...the mo...   read

10:53 PM on 06.03.2008

Here I am...

Hey there, Destructoid. Let me introduce myself. My name is Robbie Chance. I make videos. Some of you have seen one of my videos. Featured in Geoff Mendicino's hit show, The Gameboys, was my Sonic the Hedgehog skit. It w...   read

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