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Uni student with too many games (now over 750 titles), too little time, and no real motivation. Anything else you need to know?

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6:53 PM on 02.27.2008

I own over 760-something games. Recently I've had a spate of "i don't want to buy any more games", and the games i've bought leave an ash-like taste in my mouth (I'm looking at you Batallion Wars 2!)

Out of those mass of games, I doubt I've completed more than i have digits on my feet and hands, and this has to change. Something has to give, i WILL enjoy the games i have, or i WILL get rid of the damn things.

They take up my money, my room (and in the case of MMO's, my life) and it's time that they do something for me. It's time to...

Play games.

Oh i play games. I normally get stuck, then after a few tries, give up and never go back. Xbox and their achievements helped a little (especially doing CoD2 on Veteran mode... oh lordy the hours i wasted on that bastard for those stupid achievement points!), but there isn't achievements on all games is there?

So where to start. Do i go back to basics, pick up the NES or SMS and start loading the games up, or top down and pop one of the 360 or Wii games in? Either way, I'm going to keep track of the games i play semi-daily, my thoughts on the game, and then when i complete it, I'll add it to the (hopefully soon to be) growing list on my blog.

I want, by this time next year, to have finished.... what's a reasonable amount of games? 30? 50? 100? I want to finish a set amount of games by this time next year.

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