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RitualNet avatar 9:13 PM on 01.30.2008  (server time)
Resident Weevil 4, Urine Edition

Yes i can take the piss out of game names too! Anyway, that aside, Resident Evil 4 Wii (hey! Resident Evil For Wii! Neat.) is one of those games that grows on you.

Seriously. it does. Like the bloody plague. I started off thinking "what the hell, i paid 30 for this crap!". Vowed to take it back... but kept playing. And playing. it's frustrating. The limited ammo and carry space makes me go GRAWWWWWL, but it all adds up to one hell of a gaming experience.

The Wii controls though make what would be (i imagine, never played the GC or PS2 versions) a pretty damn good game, into something much much better. Pin point accuracy with shooting, fast reactions compared to an analogue stick, even the "SHAKE TEH CONTROLLER" in-cutscene sequences are amusing.

So yeah. When i've finished the game i'll write a bit more about it, but as everyone, their pet dog, their dog's fleas and those flea's parasites own the game already in one form or another, i'm not sure if it's worth bothering :P

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