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Honestly, I really don't know why I stopped blogging. Maybe it's just my real life taking over or maybe it's the dream I had about Christian Bale that I refused to wake up from until now.

I'm not gay. It's called Bromance. Look it up.

But since I took the time to add text to that picture of ElectroLemon, I guess I should talk about the vidja.

I've been playing a lot of Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix. I'm not that great at it but I love learning it. I still jump far too much and go for reversals that I shouldn't go for, but it's satisfying to get better at. I just need to break bad habits instilled in me from playing Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike so much (you actually have to deal with fireballs instead of just parrying them? HOLY SHIT!)

I also rented Sonic Unleashed. Dear Lord is it bad. It makes me want to go back and play Sonic and the Secret Rings again. I don't even think the running levels are all that good. At least not good enough to suffer through the Werehog levels. Don't even get me started on the towns. DON'T EVEN GET ME STA-DED.

And I watched Twilight. I know it's not a video game but it's so bad I just had to write down my hate for it somewhere. The writer of the book is Mormon, so everyone knows her stance on doing stuff with things. So it's pretty clear that the vampires biting people is a metaphor for sex and that by not biting the chick with the gigantic forehead, the alleged gorgeous vampire is abstaining from becoming intimate with her. But then he talks about how he abstains from biting humans by biting animals? So in the end Twilight is a movie that sells an abstinence-only stance and suggests you only have sex with animals before marriage instead. HOT. I never knew that Mormons were into that kind of shit. I guess I'll have to hide my dogs the next time they knock on my door.

Anyway, I'm tired. Bye bye.

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