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RiseUp44 avatar 6:53 PM on 12.04.2012  (server time)
2012 yet another huge year in gaming, My best gaming moment of 2012

It is hard to narrow down all of this past years amazing moments that I came across while playing so many amazing and mind blowing games. I wrote down a list of my favorite moments in gaming, I won't go as far as to listing every single amazing moment this year in games I will list the games that have made such a big impact on me as a gamer. Spec Ops the Line, Sleeping Dogs, Black Ops 2 Campaign story, The Walking Dead. These games each had specific aspects that make them stick out in my mind every time i think about all the awesome games I played this year. Sometimes I can think about a game that I just recently played and think wow that was great because of such and such reason but then another game that came out several months ago that I played back then comes into my mind and makes me think well if I can remember that and how I felt playing a certain moment in the game now after several months it must have really made an imprint on me as a gamer. Certain key moments this year effected me differently. The music during the Black Ops 2 story campaign in my opinion blow all other gaming scores away especially during the sniper scene with Alex Mason and Woods during the flashback, The beat and what went on moved me and did some serious stuff to my emotions that I dont think i would have felt if that exact score wasn't made for that scene so this moment of 2012 is huge for me and another has to be Clementine from The Walking dead. Whoever the Voice actor was did an amazing job and I can not remember the last time I felt so sad, attached, and responsible for a character ever in my life. The choices that The Walking Dead made me make in order to try and save Clementine will ring out in my memory for years to come. The other games I mentioned earlier also had big moments for me and were amazing games but these last two I mentioned Black Ops II's story and Clementine from The Walking Dead were by far the two games that made me feel crazy emotions that no other form of entertainment has made me feel in a long time if ever. Of the two if I only could pick one I would have to go with The Walking Dead, anyone who has a child or has taken care of a young child knows that it would be tough and a crazy roller coaster ride having to take care of and protect a child during the Zombie apocalypse so with that being said I would definitely say that The Walking Dead is the game that made the biggest impact on me of all games in 2012 and the final scene where Clementine has to say goodbye to Lee is the one Scene in all games of 2012 that stands out the most and made me feel the biggest mix of emotions of any game in 2012. Games can only get better from here, with technology getting better and better every year if developers take notes from this past year and use the amazing knowledge we have all learned from these amazing titles then we will all see some amazing new games in 2013 and beyond.

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