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RiotMonster avatar 11:20 AM on 03.10.2009  (server time)
Hospital raises funds to create a Game Room in honor of a patient who died.

Evan Patrick Bell was a 13 year old gamer who was sadly, killed by a malignant brain tumor recently, on February 6th. He will be missed but thanks to the Wolfson Children's Hospital, he will never be forgotten.

The hospital and supporters have exceeded their goal of raising $50,000 to build the hospital a game room named after the boy. Many organizations were put together such as Girl Scout events and fundraisers at St. Paul's Catholic Church and Mayport Middle School. There was an "Art at the Beach" event on Saturday and Sunday at the Courtyard Marriott in Jacksonville Beach, where artists agreed to donate part of their proceeds to the cause.

The new game room will honor Evan, who loved video games and played them before he died. Jacksonville News reports:
Wolfson met the boy and his family while Evan was being treated at the hospital and she wanted to help by starting the effort to name a new game room for Evan. The $50,000 goal was established last month, when the effort began and Wolfson wanted to raise the cash by Tuesday, Evan's 14th birthday.

It's heart warming to read about these sort of things. My thoughts go out to his family, it really is amazing that they are doing this in his honor. Now his passion for video games will never be forgotten and children who sadly, have to be at Wolfson Children's Hospital will have the Evan Patrick Bell Game Room to play in.

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