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Venture into the Borderlands - Epilogue

I admit that it was very recent that I knew I wouldn't be able to end this series without doing a general review. The entire Let's Play has been a moment-by-moment perspective, nit picking the details without acknowledging ho...


Venture into the Borderlands - Part 11: Finale

If you're new to the area, firstly welcome! Secondly, it is never too late to start reading up on my written Let's Play of Borderlands as you can find links at the bottom!This was the part of the Let's Play that I had actuall...


Riobux's Yearly Awards: 2nd Serving

Since The Riobux Yearly Awards list last year, wow, things have occurred. Both good, and a bit of bad. I had stopped doing my analytical blogs as writer's block hit me hard as...well...as hard as an ailment hitting me harder ...


About Riobuxone of us since 5:18 AM on 03.23.2013

Hey, I'm Riobux. I joined Destructoid a good deal back due to Podtoid when Jim Sterling, Jonathan Holmes and Conrad Zimmerman used to do it, and when Phil & Spencer did the Destructoid Twitch channel. I'm a Sociology With Psychology graduate who has a particular interest in videogame culture and the creation of videogames. I post a blog every two weeks (or at least try) about an aspect that interests me, with usually some article in the weeks between about something videogame related.

When I'm not here attempting to act like a civilised being, making odd jokes only I snigger at or being way too late with posting blogs, I can be found on Gamers Honest Truth, a fledgling videogame website that values the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, as a contributor.

You may also find me working out how the hell the new strange world of social media on Twitter works at @Riobux.

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