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Fanboys - Why Did They Happen?

Today I thought it'd be a good idea to take a look at 'fanboys'. Most of you know what we're on about and most of you may consider them a major annoyance. Thing is, why are they so prevalent, now more than ever? What makes ...


It's 2012, bitches!

So, with a New Year comes an almost obligatory New Years post. Click on to find out just what it is that I WANT to happen, what I DON'T want to happen. So, first, the good. What I Want New Console Announcements - Yep. ...


More to Come...

So, New Year's Resolution inbound! I want top get more active with the DToid community. Plans include; Blogging Posting Adding more DToid peeps to my friends lists. Up yours random douche bags! So yeah. This first post is more a statement of intent than any real content. Stand by for more. Or don't. Your call.


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So, my name's Matt. I've been playing games since Sonic on the Mega Drive. Don't try and tell me to call it a Genesis. It won't happen.

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