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Rimmon Othaia avatar 5:19 PM on 06.13.2013  (server time)
Dark Souls & Dark Souls II - Review & What to Expect in the Future

Big topic for myself this week at E3 was waiting on the "Dark Souls II" presentation that was shown today at 2:00 pm PST on GameSpot's live feed and I figured now was the perfect time to give my feed back upon "Dark Souls" and the upcoming sequel, "Dark Souls II".

I recently beat Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition on PC and let me just say initially, fantastic experience. I have loved adventure games for a long time and desired a challenge and that is exactly what Dark Souls delivered in excess. Now I'd like to say I have beaten Demon's Soul's as well and enjoyed that experience and even believe some portions of that game were more difficult than "Dark Souls". But the point is, I have experience in these games and their form of storytelling/lore.

One thing I found absolutely captivating about Dark Souls is the subtle form the story was told in and you had to work out how the world came to be with the Undead, and the death of the dragons. Then there were the specific NPC stories that you could piece together slowly if you searched for the lore, such as Seath the Scaleless dragon, and how he had been performing experiments on his fellow dragons, betraying them for his own immortality. Even Siegmeyer of Catarina and the story behind him and his daughter is in depth but still leaving mysteries which may never be revealed to us.

It was that form and desire for knowledge of the world that made the world so desiring to explore and discover the truths in the shadows. That's why in an interview with Edge and director Tomohiro Shibuya on Dark Souls II, and it was troubling when he said,

"I will follow the same concept as Dark Souls, but there were a lot of hidden story elements that some players may not have caught before, and I’m hoping to make some of that a little bit more clear or directly expressed to the player as well – not just in the story, but messaging. A lot of elements were very subtle in Dark Souls, and that was something that was characteristic to Dark Souls. But I personally am the sort of person who likes to be more direct instead of subtle, so I think that part of me will [result in] a difference [for] players when they pick up Dark Souls II. It will be more straightforward and more understandable.”

Now it may be nothing to worry about, but I don't want the core of the Dark Souls that I know to change, and there is also quite a worry about whether or not it will be as difficult compared to Dark Souls when they say things like "It will be more straightforward and more understandable", but they have promised that it will still be as unforgiving as the previous installments and all we can do is hope.

Now with the new footage and discussion at E3 today with GameSpot  which you can check out by clicking here, and clicking on "watch" under Dark Souls II. It is finally confirmed that there will be customization of your character which was another worry concerning fans when watching the initial trailer where there happened to be a woman talking to the main character, possibly hinting towards a main protagonist in the story. But it was great to see in the game play footage a couple of new and different armor/weapon sets.

They definitely seem to support a better version of dual handing blades which will be fantastic and quiet useful especially with the new torch mechanic they are implementing, where you won't be able to use a shield all the time. Also the combat seemed familiar to what we know and expect but it seemed a bit quicker paced and involved facing more enemies than usual compared to Dark Souls.

I still have high hopes for Dark Souls II and plan on purchasing it for PC when it comes out this coming year, they said around March 2014. And with luck I'll be enjoying getting beaten to death again and again in this new sequel. Thanks for your time and if you have some other comments to give or questions you'd like me to answer please feel free to comment and give your own opinions on this subject.

Oh, and check out the E3 trailer for Dark Souls 2 below!

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