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Go or perish, mortal.

As long as it's fun I'll play it.

Playing Halo 3, Call of Duty 4, Gears of War, and Virtua Fighter 5 a lot recently, because I like to destroy people in all of them, which I am proficient at. My gamertag is Righteous Ice if you're looking for a spirited match of something.

www.DarkColossi.com is my website, check it out and prepare to be sacrificed.
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It has been awhile since our last post.
We've been in hibernation.

Even though we know you all wouldn't know a good thing if it slithered into your colon we have decided to unleash these new; non-gaming, non-threatening blogs upon your non-worthy eyes.





Photo Photo Photo

Still going strong.

Join us or see us live on webcam and join the chatroom where you can make fun of our silly haircuts: at DarkColossi.com

Gamertags = Righteous Ice

and Doctor Umbrella.

Righteous Ice
2:09 PM on 03.26.2008

Join the Dark Colossi in battle.

From now until tomorrow at 3pm, we will be playing.

Watch us live on webcam or chat.

You may be in our next video.


Gamertags =

Doctor Umbrella
Righteous Ice


Here it is boys and girls.

I told you we had exclusive material and yet you chose not to believe it.

Well faithful doubters; behold our glory and weep.


Oh and we'll save you the trouble of your obligatory "fail" posts by letting you know that we are aware that you are unable to express your love for us in any other way.

And...the Colossi will be having a Halo 3 marathon Wednesday (March 26th) starting at 3pm est time and ending Thursday (March 27th) 3pm est time. IF you dare to challenge us. We will also be streaming a live webcam of the entire marathon with bonus chat room as well. Of course it will be on our site, DarkColossi.com.


Blue Colossus = Righteous Ice

Red Colossus = Doctor Umbrella

We'll be recording a lot of matches so if you do happen to best us (unlikely).. we will clearly have a video of it to gladly put up. However, we show no respect for the dead and it is likely the Colossi will be laughing last.

Quite likely.


She said it's either me or Halo.

So I got a date with Master Chief and some lotion tonight.

*Pumps chest* got to keep it real.

There were other debilitating aspects to our relationship as well, such as she was paralyzed and I was a diabetic. But we thought we could make it work.

Life goes on...DarkColossi.com will have exclusive Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots footage Tuesday March 25th. You could not believe me and miss out, or you could go and be blown away.

Let's just say we got friends in high places that force us to do lowly things...horrible things...

We expect 10 pages of comments, each one referencing the word "fail".
Because its hilarious every time.
Don't let us down ye lovely Destructoids.

We thrive off the hate of others.