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3:29 PM on 10.22.2009

Tekken 6 Soul Calibur 4 Tourney & Magic XBLA Update

Once again, the stage is set for another fighter tournament at Arcade UFO!

Who: Anyone *PS3/PS2 Controllers, Button Maps are allowed*
What: Tekken 6 & Soul Calibur 4

Where: Arcade UFO, 3101 Speedway, Austin, TX 78705
When: October 24th (THIS Saturday!) Register by Noon
How Much: $2 venue fee to enter, $10 per game entry fee
Prizes: Top 3, Cash Prizes will be awarded (60/30/10 pot split)
Phone: 512-380-1725

Tournament Structure is:
1st Round: Best 2 of 3
Semi-Finals: Best 3 of 5
Final Round: Best 4 of 7

For more information, call, check their website at or check out their forum thread.

I'm happy to pass along that Arcade UFO is certainly doing great and earlier this month they received the most votes and won the $25,000 in the Save The Arcades contest/prize!


Also, on a different topic, I'm glad to mention I've downloaded the update to Magic:The Gathering: Plainswalkers (XBLA) and Wizards of the Coast has managed to fix the nasty co-op campaign bug I mentioned in my blog last time. If you haven't played Magic:TG lately, you might want to go ahead and launch it to grab the update!

Finally, I've downloaded the DLC for Magic:TG:Plainswalkers, and if there's enough interest, I'll be doing a review on the DLC. So far it seems worth it, but, I haven't had much time to check everything out yet.   read

3:27 AM on 04.22.2009

Runner, why I think it is Awesome.

This is a 3:30 a.m. post. After catching my breath I must note this post should be tagged: Artsy Fartsy. Right? Take as serious as you want. Or with a pinch of salt.


I can't sleep.

I can't breathe.

I can't do anything until I get this out of me.

Some of you might have actually doubted Rev. Anthony's review of Braid.


But, in the end, he was proven right.


I came. I saw this masterpiece that is Runner. I came.

I understand if there's a difference of opinion. So far, here it seems to be a mostly LOVE IT or NOT group. Hardly any middle ground. But, all I can say is.. To me, the man is a genius! Actually, the three authors of this very well done piece of work are truely geniusii, err, geniuses.

I don't want to spoil it, with as little playtime as it takes, it will save my lazy hands from stating the obvious and ruining it for you. If you want that review, check this one (with spoilers) here. So just go and play!

I played it a bit different than many of you only using the keys/keyboard. I played the game on this controller right here:

I can always have memories of when I touched the game, or, conversely, when the game touched me.

Seriously, this game is that good. The game is not broke, it works great for me. (I only tried the last version #7, I think.) Just try playing it on a controller, (using a windows keyboard->controller keymapper) it made me feel things that I have no words to describe.

Almost perfect 9.8+/10.

My only complaint is the length. The game, though, has some playtime extension due to some challenges for the player. However, I can't recommend this enough.

If you haven't played it...[Looks towards a certain bearded Samurai.]


Oh damn, what are you waiting for...?! Feel free to throw my review out if you don't agree.

Thank you for reading.

To any would-be-trolls at this time of the night/morning: Be angry all you like, but, I won't respond in kind. Try tearing into me after you _have_ played it, at least.   read

3:38 PM on 01.26.2009

OutRun Online Achievements

The new Outrun Online is coming soon, exactly when, nobody knows. The only thing Sega has said is that it will be available early 2009 on XBLA in USA and on PSN in Europe. Why they divided it into different regional releases, I'll never know. Anyways, this was posted up by Sega Europe and the list of achievements should be the same for both 360 and PS3, ["except 'obviously' the PSN ones are Trophy's"].

OutRun Online Arcade
12 Achievements, 200 Gamerpoints

Technologique [5]
Complete a Route in Automatic

Stick Shift [10]
Complete a Route in Manual

Grand Tour [10]
Have arrived at all Goals (A - E)

Cardiogram [20]
Score an overall AAA in Heart Attack Mode

Millionaires Club [20]
Score more than 1 Million on OutRun Mode

Passing Breeze [20]
Complete Time Attack Mode in Under 4″30′00

Risky Ride [30]
Score more than 2.5 Million on 15 Course Continuous OutRun Mode

Gumball King [30]
Complete 15 Course Continuous Time Attack Mode in Under 14″30′00

Leader of the Pack [10]
Be first at all junctions on a ranked multiplayer match

Legend [20]
Place first in 5 ranked multiplayer matches in a row

Frequent Flyer [15]
Complete 50 Single Player games

660 Horses [10]
Drive above 300km/h (186.4mph) for 10 seconds

In many ways I have enough driving games to last me decades from now, but, I mean, c'mon it's SEGA ..andddd.. it's OUTRUN Online!

Image Credits: Sega   read

5:07 AM on 01.02.2009

XBLA Wishes and a new resolution

Happy New Year to everyone!!!!!! And to a few of you, I hope you're enjoying a 4-day weekend! Sorry if I've missed saying happy new years personally, really. But I meant to do this yesterday, srsly.

OK, I'm ready to Friday! And, after reading some c-blogs and random posts out on the internet right before the transition into 2009, I realized I'm not as happy with XBLA and NXE as I could be, and maybe some others could agree.

My XBLA Wish? XBLA needs something like a Home/Arcade-ish Room!! Damnit!! Naowww!! M-eowww!

NXE + a feature or two from Home or Second Life - furniture - random DLC = Retro MP Gaming Win?

I had an idea to try and help the frustration of wanting to play retro games and instead of just creating a room and sitting too long in an empty room alone.. Why not implement an easy solution in XBLA? But, as it will prolly be ignored/never implemented, after reading some playstation gamer's posts & comments about home, I'm wondering then, is the true answer to this problem that I should just buy a PS3 to "get what I need"? I already have Second Life though, and they have a retro arcade that has some light traffic occasionally. Heck, in SL one of the arcades even has a ticket dispenser and prizes that you can pick out and win for getting high scores, etc. But, SL really has alot to go in ways of having real arcade games. Sure they have skee-ball, and street fighter, but, well, it's pretty lame compared to actually playing Skee ball or Street Fighter in the real or XBLA arcade.

In sum, my 360 is fine for my g/f to play games, and voice chat, and find games with her friends on all the time. I can hardly get on it since about a year or so ago...(Hence my initial addiction to reading DToid.. LOL).. My main problem is all these other multiplayer games (particularly retro XBLA games made before Castle Crashers) needs some way of letting everyone that already owns them see that there is still some activity and people playing without going to online forums and pleading or begging someone to play with them. (Ok that just sounds bad.)

Anyways.. I think the solution is simple, and would look something like this...


There could be a LED or light bulb in the (already too slow) games library list that can show you how much online activity there is for those games.. (kinda like how within Bungie's site, or within Halo 3 there is all kinds of stats.) Ok, enough whining on why I'm not really as happy with XBLA/NXE as I could be.

Now that's done.. I'm now going all personal and livejournal-ish here, so if you want just skip this, to keep your Friday happy, please feel free to skip away!..

I usually try and make some resolutions that (unfortunately) are usually broken rather quickly. But, the main thing I wanted to focus on here and now is RELUCTANCE.

Reluctance isn't usually something for a resolution.. I mean, I could, and have said weight and dropping a few pounds (or more) is needed.. Or, to quit smoking, drinking or something else addictive.


Nah, those are always going to be a daily struggle and I've made those before.

Reluctance can be something far more problematic, in a way. My reluctance to care, change or take a chance on something (or someone) is something I've had more problems with as of late. I'm getting more negative or jaded thinking now, about stupid local things like people (who act like I better be a walking wallet or I should just go die in a fire..geez too much drama to get into here) >.> and about success as an indie developer again I guess.

Also, the big projects I have around (unfinshed game projects) that are demanding me to finish them and I don't have everything I need to continue. Seeing Randombullseye's BonerQuest come to fruition has given me some hope to continue working on indie projects again (even if they seem like they're teh doomed at the start, in a way lately)..I apologize if anyone's still been waiting on me, or them, coz holidays kept us overwhelmed and well, I need more time and resources to continue working them. There is also, realistically, the chance they may now not get done. Ever. Why? Well, if things don't change in 30-45 days, (like a stable job that doesn't jerk me over, besides all this area's many problems) my indie game designing dream will be over. For good, for real.

Back on my main point, about reluctance. Where I live, people love to be stubborn, this attitude does not bode well or seem very helpful to someone like me. As so far as when I mention I make games to people. They straight up laugh in my face like I'm some kind of circus clown or I'm chasing the stupidest dream imaginable. Point, in fact, an aging politician ran for re-election (for Senate) based on TV ads that he was stubborn. He was re-elected. This is a very reluctant kind of life. I don't want this, and I won't embed the commercial of him coz its pointless politics and just moot now.

I hope to resolve my shortcomings sooner or "die trying" .. Video games (as well as Technology and Science in general - Pluto is no longer considered a planet now) move way too fast for a reluctant kind of life. Ignoring new things is probably the surest way to fail with technology. I guess if I'm not open to change, not open to new things or ideas I will be teh doomed to fail, or a Republican. LOLOL ;D

Credits: All (C) screens are all rights reserved by respective owners. No claim or infringement is intended. Arcade picture/poster This post text in and of itself is 100% me. Also, cough...MS if you want to use this idea, then can I have some $$? loollol.. In other words, a man can dream can't he?   read

12:41 PM on 09.13.2008

Quickblog: Loooongcat the MiniGame?

WTH?! Yes, yes.. And you can has for FREE. Right now.


We were hoping to have this done a few days ago, but I had to include some shoutouts and make sure it wasn't broke. IT ISN'T A BROKE GAME! I dare for anyone to play it and say otherwise.. LOL.

This game is inspired by some classics of old.. My g/f came up with the idea for a game she wanted to try and make and play. She got it started, and I had to come along and finish.

It is a minigame that wants to be a full game. But it will have to settle staying mini for now, coz otherwise looooong game can get loooooonger if we didn't stop somewhere.

Have some screenshots..

Thank you all for your support, everyone here at Destructoid is awesome as always, you make the pain of making games worth it. I have alot more to say...Too many boring details...So I'll let the game speak for itself, drop me a line or donate if you feel it was worthy of it. We already have a major game already in the works. It will be BIG. I mean REALLY BIG. I'm not at liberty to say a frickin' word about it since it was not designed by us whatsoever. But, until we can discuss, we hope to be able to bring you more stuff to play, (maybe an 3-D'ish RPG).. So until then, unless anyone has questions or concerns, I'm going to take a little break now. I'm hoping everyone will have a chance to see and play the next big thing coming very soon, (next month or so...).

Ok, fingers not working, back & neck sore.. Eyes blurry.. Let us have your comments and feedback here.. Why not post your high score and/or level you made it to. Enjoy!!   read

9:11 PM on 08.23.2008

Audiosurf is $5 this weekend!

Steam is awesome ya'll.. LLOL.. I didn't see anyone else posting this, but I wanted to point out one of the best $10 indy games around is half-off and officially dirt cheap right now.. $5.

Audiosurf $5 on Steam thru August 25

Awesome game is awesome. The gameplay, in sum, is sorta a wipeout xl meets klax game that you can play your own music, and the level map is constructed around your music beats and tempo.

I dunno if there's anyone without Steam, but it is a free game launcher for PC. There is also a free Audiosurf demo on Steam in case anyone wants to try before buying. But, to me this is a really awesome game at a steal of a deal!!   read

3:10 AM on 06.29.2008

AVGN Rants on Superman- Lex Luthor and Mxyzptlk don't care edition.

For some of you, you may have seen this already when it came out a few days ago, so, old is old, yadda yadda.. o_O

But, for the rest of us, I just watched the Angry Video Game Nerd's (AVGN) rant on both Superman for the ATARI 2600 and NES and what can I say? I loved Superman on Atari, but, right before I watched it, I had the faint echos of another DToid'ers words in my head .. It made me wonder would 'da Nerd actually be funny??

For cerial, it was only after hearing Mxyzptlk's words in my head 3 times over and over.... "He isn't funny.", that I stopped hesitating and pressed the PLAY button..

So, is he really still funny after all?

Quick, but unfulfilled answer: Maybe he isn't that funny.. Or maybe he IS! Read on and find out! Or, Watch on and comment out! lol

Since GameTrailers has so often failed in embedded.. watch the trailer here.. and to see the clip here is a FLASH link, or to view it in any flavor quicktime or windows media player look around GT upon clicking the flash link.

I laughed throughout his narrative of Superman on the Atari 2600, although he is much more annoyed by it than I am. In fact I love Superman for the Atari.. 11/10! It is challenging, and yes, seemingly pointless or illogical at times.. AVGN: "Why does the background repeat in different colors," etc., but my take on it was back then, (when I was a little little kid) I remember I loved the challenge, graphics and the discovery that awaited every turn and screen away. Map?? WTF?? You memorized the map!

Even though I thought his critique was too much, my memories of Superman (A2600) was too fun to let him get to me.. Until.. DUN DUN DUNNN.. He reviewed Superman (NES).. Then, I was dead silenced.

Bitch here.. Bitch there.. Fuckety fuck fuck over there..

Ok, I never played Superman for NES, and now I think I NEVER will. His biting critique was harsh and thick. I didn't laugh...... UNTIL........ He compared Spiderman and Superman in a way of wonder - AVGN: "Why the hell would Superman use the subway? Couldn't he just fly there? That would be like asking Spiderman to: instead of web slinging from building to building, oh no, take the subway instead and walk"..

Comedy Gold.

All in all, his video may just be a teaser for his next exciting episode of fan service: AVGN Reviews SUPERMAN 64. But, I still lol'ed.

What? You didn't? Please use the box below to express the reasons why. Oh, and be sure to include if you played superman on whichever system, and if you watched it sober (not me) or not (like me). Even if you did LOL a little, lemme know, thanks for your comments and feedback.   read

12:08 PM on 05.31.2008

Save Classic Gaming!

The title of this was going to be "Classic Gaming is Dead, Officially", but I wouldn't want to step on any toes of anyone who has a totally different experience from me, etc. I'd encourage hearty debate here, so feel free to debate and leave a comment in this or PM me here if you feel I left something out and I'll attempt to respond or point/counter-point.

I've done the research, and so have a few of my local peers and amongst my blogs-o-cube friends, (i.e. on another website & in another castle), and after some surveying and exhaustive number crunching.. I've come to the same grim conclusion as them..

Classic Gaming in USA is D-E-A-D. DEAD as a door nail or obliterated zombie dead.
Again, the caveat: At least, as far as I and many of my peers can tell.

Hey, I'm just the messenger, not the originator. Y'see, here are some of the facts.

A) The classic gaming expos/conventions of years past are all but disappeared. (Everywhere except some still going on strong near the Great Lakes/Ohio Valley area, or, in the largest of cities/East/West Coast) Or, in the case of the last time a local expo was held near me, even though it was free, there were almost no turnout. Even sponsors of the event pulled out and left halfway through... FAIL#1

B) New attempts at trying to capture classic gold, (in the form of classic arcade games) have either stalled, or outright failed with one exception: Nintendo Virtual Console. Besides there being 1 or 2 exceptions to this, (Bionic Commando should be Awesome, we shall see), it seems now and for the foreseeable future: no one (except the aforementioned exception(s)) wants to focus on classics in their new console offerings.

XBox live hasn't had any new classics in months.. When they did re-issues (Tron/Discs of Tron was the last one, me thinks) complaints and rabble 'rousing are heard throughout the community about how the new updates to/in the game doesn't feel the same, look the same, etc... FAIL#2

C) Kids today are being raised in a minimum 3D game world level, and are taught by their peers to be more consumerist and fickle when it comes to the classics. Unless they are given nothing besides an older console, (as a hand-me-down or whatnot) they don't embrace any of the classic stuff, (Pac-Man, Defender, Dig Dug, Gyruss, Galaga & Many other of the Konami, Namco, Atari, or Midway games)...FAIL#3

D) Arcades, while still in existence, are not offering most of the older games (unless, well, it is a 'museum' now..)... FAIL#4

E) When is the last time you actually played in a classic game tournament.

Unfortunately, I can go on and on, since I have data here to prove the point more. But, I won't ramble on that anymore, I'd much rather focus that energy on how we can save the wonderful pasttime that is classic gaming, and help the younger generation understand why these retro games are so important/valuable. I mean, today the famous Konami code, Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start doesn't help a new game much, but, there was a time when it did help to make a player feel like a virtual god. Old games may be old, but the gameplay was real, (while in some ways remaining almost unchanged in many games today), and even if there aren't any more fans or adopters of the classics, may whatever fun is left to be had continue and keep on strong in retro havens such as RetroForce, Digital Press, and all the rest.

Retrose Tinted? Or, just the fact that retro games taught many of us adults what real gameplay and originality is all about. Either way, I'll still remember "real games" even if many others today don't or won't even acknowledge.

Also, classic games never die, they just go into emulation!   read

9:57 AM on 05.15.2008

A Free Mini-Game Appears!

Hey everyone, I know GTA4 is pulling you all in, and is mostly impossible to put down. But, if you're looking for a fun little (casual game) break, why not try my little mini homebrew game? Yes, it is nothing blockbuster or FPS.. It is actually just a little 2-D sim business game. And it is FOR FREE.

Well, considering it is my first unreleased game, it may not be everyone's cup of tea.. (It does feature colors beyond color, and [color=green]rainbows... AHHHHH!!!) But if you like retro games, flash games, and mindless pointing and clicking and games that go CHA-CHING, well, it should be at least a little fun or distraction in your day. If you only like naked bodies (I'm looking at you SecondLife!) or blood and gore on screen at all times, just pass on it, coz it deff won't add inches to your already beefy member.

Some System Requirements
It is Windows 98~XP only as far as I know (Sorry Mac/Linux/Vista :(
It may or may NOT run on Vista.. I haven't tried yet, but maybe someone will let me know?
Almost any and all video cards should work!!
The D/L is only 12 MB, and should take about 30 seconds to d/l over broadband.
On average it should take about 4-5 minutes to install
It takes up about 43 MB on hard disk. It has an Installer to install wherever you like. To uninstall, just delete all files in the folder and any desktop/start menu icons, (read the readme.txt for more information).

Title Screen

Download It Here! TGG1FULL.MSI (12.5 MB)[/color] [Update: Link is broken, due to no webhosting at this time. -Aug. 08, 2008.]

Now as with most homebrew and beta games - Oh Noes! A DISCLAIMER!!:
Although this download is 100% free of spyware, adware and malware of any kind, I or my company or any affiliated companies are not liable for any/all problems that may arise from your using the software. As this software is provided completely FREE, I cannot provide technical support, nor, be held liable for any damages from the use or inability to use this product. No warranty either express or implied.

IN OTHER WORDS - If you download this, and it ends up being the proverbial straw that breaks the camel's back and ruins your computer or day, sorry, but I provide this FREE and it is downloaded or used AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Whew, now with that out of the way, enjoy, there are a few secret cheats in the game, (hey, at least that is something my game has in common with GTA!) and ignore the wordiness of the license.txt and readme.. It was something I sent to Microsoft, so all the blah blah is mainly for that. However, if you read towards the end of the readme, you might just find a few cheats/spoilers. There are some math errors and imperfections, (like debug info in the corner, etc.), I'm already aware of, but overall it is just for fun, not really meant to be an actual "SIM".

Also, you may spread the game around if you see fit, (ignore the license.txt - again that was for distribution, selling, etc.. You CAN give it away AS LONG AS YOU DON'T RESELL IT. IT IS OK to torrent, share, upload to anyone you like), just don't rip on my game / reuse assets / images in any way that changes them or puts them into something else. I'm not trying to be a pain here, just, before you make any changes to the code or gfx, or resell on a compilation CD or whatnot, I'd appreciate it if you dropped me a line first. Thanks.

Oh, feel free to give me feedback, and ask questions if you like or are trying to make your own homebrew game, maybe I can offer a little help here or there.. Although I still use this as a portfolio piece as an example of something easy I did in about 2-3 months time, I won't be working on it anymore (it isn't a wholly original idea after all, and years old already) I might use any/all of your comments to help shape future games, thanks.   read

2:57 AM on 04.29.2008

Where's Kirby Wii? Vapor?

Vaporware. The bane of all developers and publishers. It isn't a pretty thing. It is like going to get a happy meal, opening it and finding out none of the toys on the menu board or on TV are in your meal... "We don't have that toy yet" may be one response... Or, "We're out" may be another.. But, then it's NOT a very Happy meal now is it?

NSFW Pulp Fiction Hamburger Scene is NSFW (Language/Violence)

Many a game have earned the vaporware label by not making it to the finished gold master disc stage. In 2005, Nintendo showed off a new Kirby game in development known as Hoshi no Kirby (Kirby of the Stars) for the Gamecube. However, shortly thereafter, nothing else of it was really ever shown or heard again.

Rumors have floated around now and again, everything from it is still going to be released in Japan this year, with a USA and Europe release sometime in 2009. Some rumors/truth is when asked at E3 last year a Nintendo spokesperson said it was canceled altogether, yet, while still others say is it going to happen, but releasing for Japan-only.


Trailer for Hoshi no Kirby - Kirby of the Stars (Wii)

drools.. Old school side-scroller?! CHECK. New school graphics?! CHECK. Kirby? CHECK!

Old news may be old.. But this may be the point in time when maybe something can be done. It worked with EA when the fans protested them about the new guns in Battlefield. Maybe we need to remind Nintendo of what we want to play? If so, then, I say now:

Kirby looks too good to horde it away Nintendo! Release it! Release the Pink Fury!!!

/end rant   read

10:25 PM on 04.06.2008

Not my Turning Point gaming rig

Hey everyone here is my PC setup.. It looks like crud with all the cables and stuff, but trust me, in real life my floor and around the PC is cleaner than it looks in the pics. I'm trying to beat the deadline here, so if the pictures don't appear I'll try my best to fix, (they might be too big and I'll have to scale them down, etc).

It was hard to get any light around but I tried :/

Here are my cpu's stats (don't laugh, I know its old)

Home-built, XFX Motherboard
AMD 1.66 MHz [it's branded as a Athlon 2000+ XP]
Nvidia GeForce 5500 FX
0.5 GB RAM .. so slow it always makes me grr! :/
Lite-On DVD+-R/RW
Optorite CD-R/RW
Logitech Dual Action Controller
Gravis Gamepad Pro
Western Digital 80 GB Hard Drive
4 Port USB Hub
SD/CF Media Card Reader

It is always crashing on me when I go full screen anything and it is always overheating, so besides the 2 internal Color LED FANS I have to put a fan over the A/C vent pointing into the side of the case. And, oh, the side of the case is always off, but it came with a clear plexi-glass panel.

I'll post pics of my console(s) in the coming days. Yay Destructoid!   read

5:17 AM on 04.06.2008

I've seen the future of gaming in 3/4-D WAHHH!

Y'know sometimes I envy the staff and reviewers here on Destructoid.. All those free trips to Cancun, ahh to bask in all the glory that is free swag and getting to see games before they're released.

Well, maybe not. After all, seeing, knowing and playing an unreleased game and not being able to tell ANYONE would be teh suck.

Anyways, this is my first blog post here and I'd like to share with you something I ran across.. It is TEH HALOZ IN 3D WITHOUT GLASSES.

Now, I haven't secured full permissions to show, yadda, yadda.. So instead of embedding or linking URLs here, I'll just put the URL and you can check it out if you like. I've been waiting for awhile and wondering when we all may get to see some real 3d/4d gaming. While some or many gamers seem to not care much about true 3D/4D gaming, and like the convenience of not bumping around the house with a helmet or HUD on, I owned a pair of 3D Sega Master System glasses.. (Which I think are pretty cool, and in true 3D), and that was like 20 years ago. I feel many games may not see too much of an effect and go back to their HDTV/SDTV/blah blah, but for me, I'm a novelty kinda dude and my g/f and I like to take the game to a whole 'notha level. Check out the link and drop me a few comments or questions if you like. is the first one.. and if you don't get too headache-y from that.. Keep looking by more from the same user. If you can't seem to see the 3-D effect, try taking your finger and putting it between your nose and the screen (about 2-3 feet) and slowly focus on it as you bring your finger a couple of inches to your nose. At that point keep focusing and look for the middle image. If it looks really blurry, my advice is to squint a bit at this point it should be easy enough to see it sharp and everything! Yes, yes, Very cool. Eh?   read

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