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I like video games, and music (Mostly metal and indie)
I go to a lot of concerts, and play a lot of video games.
I work in a hospital right now.
I have a PS3
ID= DRiegel
Lets play sometime.

Currently Playing:
Metal Gear Online: Riegel
Disgaea:Afternoon Of Darkness
Ar Tonelico

Here is a list of some of my favorite games:
Star Ocean
Command And Conquer
King Of Fighters
Metal Slug
Final Fantasy
Kings Quest
..and a lot more
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If anyone uses (or doesn't use) Direct2Drive, it just turned 5, and to celebrate they are selling about 50 games for $5. Right now they are doing action games, next weeks its RPG's (WOO) I just bought S.T.A.L.K.E.R. to try it out, they also have The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena and BioShock for FIVE DOLLARS. Thats
a value meal from somewhere!


And sorry I'm too lazy to put awesome pictures.

9:08 AM on 03.16.2009

I love you Destructoid.

4:24 PM on 03.25.2008

So, this is my first review of a video game ever, if it is crappy, I apologize!
Back in the day (middle school) I was a Final Fantasy VII addict, I remember trying to get through the day so I could just go home and play it, and get closer to beating Sephiroth and ridding the world of evil. Fast forward to now (I never played Dirge Of Cerberus, but I did enjoy Advent Children) and I am playing Crisis Core.

Basically, I am already addicted to it, I have played for about 3 hours and have loved every single part. The bad thing is I've just been doing the missions! The battles have stayed fast paced and fresh for 3 hours, hopefully they will for the whole game. As soon as I run out of new missions I will continue the main story line. At first I thought I would hate the DMW or just be annoyed by it, but actually, I love it. It keeps you on your toes during the battles and mixes things up.

The only problem I have seen so far is the camera, it gets annoying sometimes but not to the point of making me not want to play.

Finally a game that will make me keep my PSP by my side!

12:26 AM on 03.11.2008

I'm very excited about this, I love Interplay, Fallout is one of my favorite game series of all time...I hope they bring out some exciting news