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Rider Chop avatar 6:11 PM on 08.25.2009  (server time)
My Big Adventure pt.1: Disc Replay!

Trapped! Trapped! I am trapped in my routine! Get up, go to work, sulk, leave work, come home, sleep, repeat. After dealing with a retarded breakup I now have considerably more time to devote to my often neglected hobby, videogames!! I live in Illinois, and when I was at work one day thinking "I need to go on an adventure, but where? WHERE!? Hope came to me in the form of a radio advertisement for Disc Replay.

Disc Replay is a chain of resale shops specializing in selling electronics, think Media Recyclery only if they didn't suck balls. They have a truckload of used stuff for sale. Consoles, games, CD's, DVD's, and other items. But for this story to make any sense I need to set the stage.

It was my day off, I was so tired of going to work and pretty much feeling shitty. I needed to get out and see something new. So I saddled up with my buddies Austin and Carie and we set off to Rockford, home of Disc Replay and Nickelworld. What is Nickelworld? Well that is why there will be a part 2. So we all get ready, it is roughly an hour long drive to get there from where I live. I had to use a VERY crudely drawn map to get there, and I had to drive on the freeway. A little something to know about me, I get extremely stressed driving new places for the first time, I have never driven on the freeway before. You can imagine how much I hated it. So it turns out we made a wrong turn somewhere, but somehow we made it to where we wanted to get anyway.

Rockford! These people are fucking maniacs. I believe Rockford is one of the biggest or the second biggest cites in Illinois. I hate city driving. I am experienced in driving through clustered downtown shopping type areas before so I wasn't too bothered by it. We easily find Disc Replay, we walk in and I am suddenly overcome by the urge to SPEND SPEND SPEND! It was beautiful. Everything I could want, well, not everything, but a large sum of what I could want under one roof. There was even a 3DO! With games!! I never wanted it and I could care less about it but hey, it was still cool to see it. I was hoping to see a Turbografx or something but no such luck. As soon as I walked in I examined the glass cases, they were filled with all the retro stuff and bam, there it was, motherfucking SEGA CD! Fuck yes!

I promptly got someone to open the case, got the Sega CD (complete with cables and a model 1 Genesis) and examined all the games. I am a huge Genesis nerd so I am always hunting for new stuff. They had a ton of games, two shelves of games, roughly 100 each. The top shelf had all the good games worth getting, the bottom shelf was nothing but sports games. Nuff said. I will just list off my haul:

-Sega CD w/model 1 Genesis
-Kirbys Dreamland
-Kirbys Dreamland 2

-Ghouls and Ghosts
-Alien Storm
-Phantasy Star II
-Phantasy Star III
-Alex Kidd
-Shadow Dancer
-6 pack
-Judge Dredd
-Last Battle
-World of Illusion with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck!! YESSSS

-Panzer Dragoon
-Clockwork Knight

I made out like a bandit. I love that place.

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